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bookmark update

I really, really like this woman. In fact, if I was prone to such things, I would probably fall in love with her. Or something like that.

I must have missed Cato's announcement about it, but I discovered through my referrer logs that he started up Warblog Central, the one-stop reading place for all your warblogging needs. I really wish I had a blogging secretary to get these memos to me in a timely manner.

I put two more posters up at Code Orange: The Contest. I have about ten more to get up there, plus I just got two more entries. Keep them coming!

Now, if you'll excuse me I must go shoot myself. I am taping American Idol for Natalie and I don't know how to tape and watch something else.

90 minutes until Adult Swim and then I can wipe all this Idol nonsense out of my mind.

Dance, Meatwad, Dance!


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You get Meatwad on a wednesday night and I don't?!?!?
Reign is pretty good so far, IMO.
Except for that Yoda rip-off.

No, no meatwad tonight. I just like to watch him dance.

I'll admit that I watched American Idol last night. My wife loves the show and I have to endure it as we have one TV.

As much as I usually don't like it, the Best of the Worst they aired last night was pretty funny. Especially that Eric guy at the end.

Has Adult Swim started any new shows yet?
I used to let my teenage daughter stay up late on Saturday as a treat and when they moved it to the weekdays I taped it for a while but they were mostly repeats so we stopped that after a week or three.
It works out well for me since I can now watch SNL again but last week she insisted that I let her stay up and watch with me. I am doomed.

Thanks, Michelle. The feeling is mutual, I assure you.


Thanks for the link to Evelyn's website. It'll be nice to read two smart women's blogs every day.

And BTW, as soon as you can - Get A TiVo! Then Natalie will never have to worry about American Idol and you can save your favorite Adult Swims to rewatch later on...I don't think I could ever watch TV the same way since we got one.

A certain troll-like individual we both despise, Michele, thinks Evelyn has an unacceptably large posterior. Having seen a photograph of said posterior, I can safely say he is as stupid as he is ugly. And that's a whole lotta ugly.