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667: the neighbor of the beast

golb. siht otni gnitresni neeb ev'I edicius dna nataS tuoba segassem lanimilbus esoht lla ees nac uoy,yllaniF

natas ma i

sohcan em yub lliw uoy


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I have this sudden urge to purchase cheese covered tortilla chips with sourcream and jalapenos for my dark master.

That's weird.


!dorl krad ruo liah lla

Where would you like your nachos sent? Home or work? I have lots of cheesy goodness for you, my master.

?retsam, taht htiw aliuqet ekil uoy dluoW

Those aren't the lyrics to the Las Ketchup song!


Do I look like a cheese-eating surrender monkey?


...redael ruoy ot em ekat

.sdrawkcab gnitirw fo naf a neeb i evah gnol

...enola ton ma i wonk ot ecin

668 and 664 are the beast's neighbors. 667 is across the street form him.

The binary number of the beast:

...!!!sohcan denmad nwo ruoy yub

Hey, are those song lyrics? They sound oddly familiar...

I find myself suddenly yearning to mail you nachos. How very odd. I don't even know your address... (;

(Must not click "Remember Info"!)


Aww man, all that time it took me to type out my e-mail address and URL backwards, all for naught. ::sigh::

lol! Even the comments are sdrawkcab.

su ot gnoleb era esab ruoy llA

?ouy t'nevaH .niaga esuozzih s'narb ta su no gniyps neeb ev'uoY

667 is indeed the neighbor of the beast.


and since we're having a little fun


!?won yppaH !detrats ev'uoy tahw ta kooL

?aliuqet sam htiW ?daetsni emerK ypsirK a tuoba woH

Glad you all like Mirror Sytes. Have you also seen my other webfilter...

What the hell...? Have you all been listening to Pat Boone again?

Omg! When I read your blog backwards, it tells me to worship satan and eat nachos! Well, if you insist....

you said insert

he he he.

Jonathon... freaking awesome...

Mike> Thanks! :-)

665--the number of the Wannabeast.

You people are the biggest bunch of batty boys i have ever seen. I invented the word RUOY YUB. How dare you bell ends steal my creation.