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and after all that i told him i only watch cartoon network

Ok, one last thing before I go to bed.

I took a phone survey tonight about my tv viewing. They asked me about The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

I quickly ran to the computer, hit up Treacher's site and read this whole thing to the guy on the phone (who kept saying things like "Oh.My.God! You are so DIVINE!).

Thanks Jim. I always knew you would come in handy some day.

Besides those fantasies, I mean.

Then I convinced the interviewer he should be watching Adult Swim every night. I think he thought I was making the whole thing up, especially about Meatwad. Sounded more like a "Touched by an Angel" guy to me.


Meatwad rules!

So does that mean I'm divine too?

I'm just so happy that the Cowboy Bebop movie is coming to town April 4th. I've already watched the Japanese version, can't wait to see it in English.

What?! Knocking on Heaven's Door is coming!? Where? Theaters? Only major markets?

Must. Know. More.

PS: Meatwad gets the honeys, see?

Landmark Cinemas is putting it into Seattle for a one-week engagement April 4th through 10th.

I'm guessing only fairly major markets, if it's only for a week.

Bah, ATHF pales beside the insanity that is Sealab 2021. The Oblongs have been growing on me as well, not to mention the new one they had on Sunday - The Venture Brothers; the psychotic Race Bannon character rules...

I caught Venture Brothers myself, and I couldn't stop laughing. The parody is excellent. "Just like my namesake, the Monarch Butterfly..."

ATHF pales in comparison to NOTHING!! It is the greatest piece of entertainment ever concieved.

OK, maybe I'm going overboard... and Sealab 2021 is pretty damn awesome as well.

But... Shake, imitating Meatwad:

"Hey, look at me! I'm stupid as hell, and I can't breathe properly. Or read. What's that?"


Dr. Weird, emerging from his lab: "BEHOLD!"
Steve: "Uh, what?"
Dr. Weird: "Am I not invisible?"
Steve: "No."
Dr. Weird: "WHY NOT?"

I love ATHF! Wow. Always brightens my day.

Let's not forget Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law!

Sealab and Harvey Birdman are okay, but ATHF is my favorite of all. ATHF is mean and funny, but Sealab tends to be just mean with no funny part.

The last few Braks have been pretty good too.

Meatwad: "I must maintain my concentration, or the child will die."

Life is really good when Adult Swim is on.

Any idea when Venture Brothers is gonna be on full time? If not, anyone know where can get a copy of the first pilot episode that was on like 3 weeks ago? Also, you guys seem to talk about the Sunday Adult swims more, and they are still BY FAR my favorite night, but the weekday cartoons aren't bad either. Lupin the third is growing on me, and I like Iyanmusha or whatever (I'm stoned) and Cowboy Bebop is cool as hell. Haven't seen Reign the Conqurer yet but it looks promising. Well, e-mail me if you have any info on the venture brothers. Thanks a ton, ogre

I checked Kazaa for the first episode of The Venture Brothers, and i came up with nothing. This show has the potential to over throw ATHF. My favorite part in that pilot was when the psycho Race guy beat the $hit out of that mummy, and then took a leak on him because, according to him, the only way to kill a mummy is to desicrate it! hAHAha. That's the best! Let's all hope that Adult Swim will carry this show and lets also hope that someone will release it on IRC or Kazaa or something.

I think they Should Get rid of the brak Show and bring in the venture Brothers. I love the Oooray and Not to Metion the Thecnophiliac. (my new band name!!)

is cartoon network out of their goddamned minds? the venture brothers was the future crown jewel of adultswim. screw sealab (except for squishface), bring on the venture brothers!

with foetus music to boot!

Venture Brothers are made by my friends boyfriend and Co of Astrobase...Go! And just got 13 episode deal whoo hoo its acoing back.

The Venture Brothers is the best!! "We're always looking for some action!...... And Adventure!!" When Are they supposed to get it back up? I've been showing some "withdrawl" symptoms. Also, anyone know what their website might be??

The oblongs suck bring back the venture brothers this show was the funniest episode cartoon on the network. Please!!!!!!!!! I am begging anybody to pick up this cartoon!!!!

the venture bros. is my favorite show!

it starts again in march '04

If anyone missed the website for last week's episode, then your in luck. Here it is. http://www.scrotalsafetycommission.com/