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bite me, freeloader

So I just got an email from this guy saying that he would donate to my site if I linked to his. I am not in the business of linking for donations, but I went and looked at his site anyhow.

Sigh. Just another spendthrift who got himself into debt and wants the world to pay it off for him.

I had a ton of debt too, buddy. I worked my ass off to pay it all off. Some of it wasn't even mine, but piles of unpaid bills my ex left me. Never once did I expect anyone else, let alone total strangers, to pay my debts for me.

Get a second job. Get a third job. Get off the internet and pay some bills yourself.

"I just want to own the roof over my head, and feed the family I hope one day to have.

The way things look now, because of the mistake I made when I was 18, I wonít be able to even begin living my little dream until Iím 35!"

Hey, I'm 40 and still don't own the roof over my head. Living my dream? That's going to have to wait until my kids' college tuition is saved for.

Your dollar can help my dream come true. Where else can a dollar buy you that?!

In my own freaking bank, where my hard-earned dollars are going to make my dream come true.

You know what my dream is? That people like you would get off their asses and be a contributing member of society instead of a parasite. I didn't get to partake of all those cds and books you bought with your credit cards, so why should I pay for them?

Now a dollar is not a lot of money. Your Sunday paper probably costs twice that. But every dollar off my debt cuts a few hours off my punishment. It means Iíll have to wait fewer years before I can begin to live like everyone else.

By everyone else do you mean people who live in the upper tax brackets or do you mean regular, every day kind of people like me who live from check to check and work hard just to maintain some kind of normal life? You know, the people who go to work each day, put food on the table for their families and don't sit down to their computer at night in an effort to beg total strangers to pay off their debt.

Piss off. If a dollar could buy you a clue, you would still need millions to get it.


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i would love to have this odd todd ripoff get screwed and sued by the recording artists he snagged music from

nice secure site his flash movie is hosted on:


I was wondering what would happen if the beggar had sent such an e-mail to Rob at Gut Rumbles. The result might be too horrible to contemplate. Or a source of hearty laughs for at least a couple of weeks...

Christ...be a man and work your debt off the old fashioned way.

I am in absolute agreement with you on this, MicheLe.
Very Well Said.

can you say internet panhandler?

Can you say SCAM?

I'd send him the dollar, but only via regular mail, and I'd soak the bill in a loaded toilet for a few days first.

Wow did I ever introduce myself to the wrong crowd. . Well I hope everyone feels better after taking a crack. Happy ranting -Eric

Man, that stuff cheezes me off. Get a job and pay off your own debts, for Claude's sake. People like that don't even have the integrity that was given to a sidewalk panhandler.

So this a-hole goes to consumer credit counciling, which works out a deal with the credit card banks to lower his interest rate, cancel his fees (over limit, late etc) and then raises the rates and fees on my card so they don't lose money! Hey Eric, first thing you should sell is your computer, and then cancel the ISP you are paying for (probably broad-band at that) and drop the cable TV also. You would be amazed how ast you can pay down debt if you stop living like the spoiled rotten little brat that you are!!

Odd Todd I gave money to because he entertained me and he was canned from his job at a bad time. I'm not in the habit of bailing out idiots who made uninformed stupid mistakes.

And I thought VB programmers made pretty good money... I guess not if he can't pay off a measly $15K of debt.

Good lord... that's pathetic. I'm going to be out of school in a year and a half, going to be about $55K in debt for school loans. You don't hear me whining. He's got a job and he can't pay off $15K? Ridiculous... I'll have mine worked off in 10 years, tops, but if I live thrifty I can have it done in five or less (depending on the income I end up with). I've already worked out the plan.

Here's a thought for the asshole--instead of spending hours making pretty flash movies about what a freaking moron you are, and spending money on a domain name and secured hosting, why not get an extra job and make money the old fashioned way--working.

I was just kidding about the dookie money, by the way.

Seriously though, Dude, how about giving something in return for that dollar? There's this unemployed guy somewhere on the Net (forgot the url) who makes entertaining flash movies, so you get a little entertainment value for your buck. Flat out begging isn't going to cut it.

I am in Debt... maybe I could try scamming a bunch of nimrods into giving me money.

What a Minkus...

Try selling a kindney bozo, that shoudl be worth 15K.

BTW: he commented above:
"Wow did I ever introduce myself to the wrong crowd. . Well I hope everyone feels better after taking a crack. Happy ranting -Eric"

Have you ever read this blog Eric? what the hell did you think would happen...

Oh man, on the smart scale Eric is definitely an outlier.

Perhaps there's something about Eric's "bailout" loan I don't understand. If it's an amortization type loan and $100 a month is going towards principal at the beginning of the term, he will be done well before 15 years!

i'll go to the moa and buy a zim tank top and post cleavagy pictures of myself wearing it if you link me.

oh. i clearly need to change my site name to aaredsugarmuse... or, even better, get a job. someone hire me please?

I knew a guy that blew his brains out over debt. You think we could talk this guy into it ?

Uh... yeah, I really like this kind of guy. Having worked for the welfare here for some years, I've met folks like him again and again - where this 300 $ in some magical way become 15.000... means, it's not their fault, it's someone else's. I've been through a similar time that you, Michele (and somehow I'm still in the middle of debt-ing), and I must admit, I'd have reacted just the same. He should get a job and then another one and learn to spell the words "save mony".

Charles, ask and you shall receive. Rob tore him another one @ http://www.gutrumbles.com/archives/001973.php#001973