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mysterious ways

You have got to fucking be kidding me.

Really, after Arafat and Carter, the Nobel Peace Prize is about as relevant as the U.N.

But still. Bono?

oddly disturbing news via Dean


First France--well, always France, then the UN, then the Nobel prize, and now NATO and a big chunk of Europe. Talk about a relevancy void..... With that much vacuum, something, or someone is gonna get sucked into position. I hope it is somebody good.

But those glasses could bring peace to the world......

After Carter and Arafat, I'd say this ought to increase the Nobel committee's stature.

You just watch - it'll be Chirac and Schroder for the Iraq "peace" plan.

Thought entropy.... That's all it is.

Hell, that's what I'm going to start calling my blog.

Five nightmare-inducing words:
Nobel Prize Winner Saddam Hussein.

Hell, they gave it to Carter, Arafat, and Gorbachev. Who's next?

Six more nightmare words:
United Nations Secretary General Bill Clinton.

Pleasant dreams.

I quite liked Mysterious Ways...