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help, redux

And then the cable modem went out for five hours and a new level of hell was formed, one where watching "Big Fat Liar" again and again coupled with bouts of hair pulling, shin kicking and a spilllage of wet coffee grounds on the newly (again) washed kitchen floor make the snowed-in feeling even more pronounced.

And then you realize you are out of tequila.

Even if work is closed again tomorrow, I am going in.


I'm laughing WITH you, not at you, I promise.

With that said: Bahahahahaa!!!!

No really. I feel your pain. I just saw that Philadelphia schools are closed for tomorrow... our school district hasn't reported in yet, but I'm getting the shakes.

do you know something? You are starting to scare me when it comes to the multiple children thing . I am only five months into my first one in already I'm wondering if that is going to be enough.

on a side note , instead of typing this message I simply talked to my computer and let it type it in . Maybe next time it I won't correct everything that it thinks that I said and we can all have a good laugh.

Now you know why I spent an hour digging out my car, and risked my life to drive to Walmart when the roads were still covered in snow. Sure, the kids I was stuck with were all over 20 years of age, but in some ways, I think that's worse. :)

Hey, Robb - we have 4 of 'em, and though it's a little nutty at times, the joy of seeing them playing together is all worth it. Despite what some folks think, there is no limit to how much you can love your children.

And then the cable modem went out.. That is a line no one ever wnats to here as it is always a pre-lude to some deeper and darker disaster.

Great site!


I love it when I misuse words ("here" or "hear") and leave posts rife with typos.


I break out in hives when my cable modem goes out. Fortunately, it hardly ever happens since I ran a line exclusively for it during that brief, incredibly miserable period of my life when I did work for Cablevision.

I got half a fifth of cuervo gold. I'm saving it for emergencies...like a hangnail. Care to join me? You gotta bring the lime, though.

Oh, I have plenty of limes!