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Thank God for the Internet!


Oh, wait. Wrong movie.

Aww......poor Michele! I'd trade places with her in a second after MY night.....

I'm not so much shocked at the fact that there is an American Idol CD as with the fact that it got inside your house. It obviously has a mind of its own and is trying to get back to its dark master...

Hilarious! In south central PA we got 24 inches. My work was on a two-hour delay, but I came in early today so I could escape a house full of a cranky wife with a cold, a 6 year old, an 8 year old and a puppy.

The wife now calls and says the puppy just went into her first heat two days before we had scheduled her for spaying. She's freaking out and putting a diaper on the dog and I can hear the kids hitting each other in the background.

We're allowed to leave work early today. I think I'll stay a while longer...

muwahahahahehehehehehehehe laughing at solly. she can not resist the power of the idol.

Wanna borrow my Herman's Hermits CD?

Reminds me of the scene in the movie "Snow Day" where 4 kids are gathered around a radio at the breakfast table, listening to the list of school closures.

The mother has her eyes closed, lips moving in silent prayer...suddenly the children erupt in cheers and jubiliation; the mother lays her head on her arms and sobs.

You have my sympathy.

Sorry...forgot to fill out my info on the above post....

ahhhh dont you love snow days:D i dont..n im still in school THEY SUCK!!! poor michelle....i feel for you