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come out and plaaay-aaay

I really need to get out and meet some New York bloggers.

I mean, I've met some NY bloggers. But I know there is a whole slew of you out there I have yet to come face to face with. Unfortunately, I suffer from some social disease (socially retarded, is what my mother calls it) and I would feel more comfortable on my home turf.

Long Island is a vast playland of bars and restaurants, accessible via a quick train ride. Would anyone want to come out and play with me?

You know, even with several drinks down the hatch, I can see clearly enough to realize that if this post ends up with zero responses, I will look might silly.

When I was little we used to sing this song:

Oh little devil
Come out and play with me
And bring your monsters three
Chop down my apple tree
Set me on fire
Bash in my cellar door
And we'll be enemies
for ever more more more more more


I wish I lived in New York.

Well, not really, but I wish I could teleport there to come hang out with you guys, and teleport right back here afterwards.

I'd come out to Long Island - the hinterlands fascinate me!

Come back to Blogwhore if you're bored, sweetpea. We miss your peanutty goodness.

I'm game. Been ages since I've been to the guy-land and I'd so love to meetcha. Saturday?

I can come with Chris. We can go on an outing. I can use my friend's house on Fire Island!

I'm coming back for a visit this summer and I'd come play...

I just moved to "paradise" from Chicago. No way will I go to another cold place.

sorry to clutter up your comment files with Off Topic stuff, but I'm sort of at a loss for an Email contact to ask this.

I've been having to hassle with a bunch of antiwar pinheads on my livejournal; their current favorite snipe is about how you don't see hardly any PRO-war demonstrators in the street.

The answers I gave-- among other things, conservatives have jobs and responsibilites, and people generally don't march in the streets when they're happy with the course the government is taking-- rolled off them like water off a duck's back. Of course, these are idiotarians, and if facts were bullets they could dodge them like something out of the Matrix... but still, I'd like to get your perspective on why this is the case.

Why DON'T you see masses of prowar demonstrators-- or at least demonstrations of equal size as the antiwar side?

We're too busy oiling our guns?

Michele, I'll come over and play as soon as I can get a decent amount of time off work.

Michele - I'm game to try to get out to Long Island; I simply don't own a car. But if you get a thing going, I'll try to make it out.

RHJunior - If these individuals can't grasp the basic idea that you only protest actions that you consider likely and are against, there is little hope for them. Ask them when they plan on starting to march in favor of all the causes they like but believe the government is going to do anyway.

Me and Ren are game Michelle : p

Don't live in/near NY, so I'm not a good candidate in any case...but I had to say...that is a vastly different version of that song than I've ever heard. =:o

Have fun!

Well, if you were in Florida!

I should be in town this spring sometime, I don't know for how long but I would love to get together if possible. My family lives in Elmhurst, Queens. How far out on the island are you?

Demonstrations are lame, we prefer practical applications.

RHJunior, the main reason is that WE HAVE JOBS.

But I like D's answer, too.

I myself have mixed feelings over the war and didn't go. But I find the assumption that people who are protesting the war must be jobless to be pretty insulting and illogical. I do know a lot of people who did go, and all those folks are employed full time. The majority of the protests were held on a Saturday, after all.

Chris, in the interests of extreme accuracy, yes I know that many have jobs. But I spent too much time in Santa Cruz and saw too many protests to not recognize a huge contingent of professional protesters and their "useful idiots" who have way too much time on their hands.

And I reserve the right to mock them.

I'm in.

There's nothing extreme about accuracy, Ken. :)

Hey as far as playing is concerned ...

I wanted to let the NYC area peep know this:

I was walking home from the obligatory Blockbuster run during this blizzard and the snowfall started to die down.

Right then ... I wanted wanted to have a snowball fight.

I don't mean me and three friends ... I mean a large massive snowball fight in the vein of the great Nike "Tag" commercial a while back.

So let's try it.

I am serious.

1) Central Park is the perfect venue. So we'll meet there: Columbus Circle, we'll fight in promenade, or another venue nearby.

2) The Sun sets at 5:47 and people are at work, so we'll compromise and start it at 5:00 at Central PArk Columbus circle. If you gonna be lat that is awesome, but be ready to fight.

3) The rules are as follows: show up, be in warm clothing, and if possible wear a blue or a red piece of fabric (scarf, shirt, etc.) tied around your left arm.

Of course there would not be a winner, per se but that would prevent wide scale cheating and beating ;). We are going to turn Code White Alert, into a big huge game. A lot of schools are out today so this should be easy enough even if you working stiff can't come

Forward this e-mail. IM people. Call people on their cell phones. Text them. Grab people on the streets.

Let's get like 100 people!

If you got question or idea you can e-mail: SAN2_18_03@hotmail.com

Well, there's certainly nothing extreme about my accuracy. But I guess that just means I need more practice. :)

Michele - Name the time and place. Off topic - you'll do a fine job with Nat. How's DJ. He and Bully still pals? Have you had to take down the school system without me?

Regards, Terry

"come out and plaaay-aaay"

Izzat from "The Warriors?" I bet it is.

All I do is analyze the titles of peoples' posts. Woohoo!

Damn, Geoff just beat me to asking about it being a reference for "The Warrirors"

If so, it should be done in conjunction with "tink-tink-tink-tink"

kevin....i wanna come...come get me:D