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i added vodka to the smirnoff black ice drink

So, the lefties want their own radio station.

If they hired Oliver Willis, even I would listen.

On a sort of related matter and to address an email received today, I hate Bill O'Reilly. Just because I quoted him once or twice doesn't mean I worship the guy's brain.

I think he's a pompous, arrogant ass who will only take on issues that will get him publicity. And then, he tends to choose the popular view.

I'll take Hannity over O'Reilly any day. I may disagree with a lot of Hannity's views, but at least he can conduct an interview with respect and dignity and he always, always follows his heart and his ideals, whether they be popular or not. O'Reilly just seems to follow whichever road will get more people to gawk at him.

Anyhow, what was I saying? Oh yea, Oliver Willis for radio host. He could eat Al Franken for breakfast.

Well, maybe not with that Atkins diet. I don't know how rich in carbs Al Franken is.


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"He's good enough, he's smart enough..."
Al Franken is a funny comedian but a poor political commentator. He did a great job on SNL.

I understand Franken contains mostly gristle.

First they tried the Rush recipe: Seek out a charismatic talker, establish popularity in a local market, then expand via syndication where said popularity would snowball. Voila! The anti-Rush.

But nobody listened to Mario Cuomo, Gary Hart, Jim Hightower, Bernie Ward, et cetera.

Limbaugh succeeded because half the public was unserved by the major media. These guys feel unserved, too. But the choice of Al Franken reveals their true constituency, the Nation-reading Asner-Sarandon-Chomskyite left. The Bush-is-Hitler left.

Which advertisers, exactly, would advertise? The Nation is subsidized by donations from wealthy Leftists. Is that the liberal talk-radio business model? Pour money down the drain?

Not sure where this is coming from - I enjoy listening to and reading Al Franken, and would enjoy hearing his show.

Kevin's right, just empty calories there.

"Hannity can conduct an interview with respect and dignity"
Ah. Thanks, MicheLe! I needed a good laugh. Too bad I was drinking sparkling punch at the time!
Seriously--I can't watch or listen to Hannity without getting really really angry with him.
I can only handle a few minutes of H&C before I have to turn it off.
But I don't watch O'Reilly either, so as usual, my opinion on the subject matters little, if at all.

I'm not fond of either Hannity or O'Reilly. I like Alan Colmes better than either of them.

Although I actually think better of O'Reilly than Michele, and think he's basically a positive force. But I can't stand watching him very much.

There are two things worth going out of your way for on Fox News: Neil Cavuto and Brit Hume. The rest is mostly a waste of time, IMNSHO.

Thanks Dean for you steaming pile of trolling BS...please go back to your socialist loving, equal oppurtunity leftist web blogs. Like I have said before. If you offer a valid argument I'lll listen...If you subscibe to the leftist shit thats "popular" then please sit and spin. Michele calls like it is....don't like it? piss off

Sorry Bob, what was the Rush recipe again? That's two cups of bullshit with how much hot air?

Caught without a reply??? just leave your first initial....First sign of a coward...hide.

ds, what the fuck are you smoking over there? First of all, the biggest sign of a coward is not leaving an email address. I don't see you leaving your real name, either.

And what the hell are you talking about anyhow? Did you call Dean a troll?? I think you have him confused with someone else. Namely yourself.

Go back under your rock, thank you.

Michele, why don't you read your fucking posts. In case you missed it I was defending you.

"Although I actually think better of O'Reilly than Michele,"

This was what was I was going after. I'm sorry if you misunderstood my post, but this statement just pissed me off.

Defending me against what?

Dean wasn't doing anything wrong, he was merely stating his opinion. He is allowed to do that. I'm not one of those people who stifled dissent.

But thanks just the same.

"Although I actually think better of O'Reilly than Michele,"

I think you misread Dean. He was saying that he doesn't have the same level of intolerance for O'Reilly that I do.

I read it wrong...sorry

You wanted an email address, here is an email adresss. just remember the warning that was posted a while back, he he. Michele, I am a regular on your site. Your booked marked and I come here everyday. I'm sorry if I misread Dean's post. The comment about hiding was directed at D not Dean.

D isn't hiding. He left a link to his website.

See, right there, where the D is. That's a link. It goes to www.acerbia.com. His name is Dave. I call him D.

Don't rush to judgment, ok?

Thanks Mom. :)

I don't think Al has much carbs.

I liked Al Franken on SNL, the Stuart Smally stuff was pretty funny. His "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" book only sold because it had Limbaugh's face on the cover. I remember seeing him on a talk show to promote his book. He said he was trying to parody the nastiness and hostility in current politics. Yea, bullshit. And if I slap you in the face I'm just trying to point out that violance futile. I don't think his smug mixed with smarm will go over that well on the radio.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but once I added Everclear to a pre-mixed bottle of Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade.

I do not recommend anyone else do it.

Haven't tried that, but on a related note, JD and Orange Slice is vile, vile, vile. What? I had just turned 21.

The problem with the left isn't the who, it's the what. What the message is. And oreilly would eat oliver and his mutt for breakfast.

I don't know what everyone is feeling threatened about. I say let the neo-liberals have their show. It should be entertaining to see them act like everyone's opinions matter.

The problem with the concept is that the libs and dems have nothing new to bring to the table or they would be pumping it wall-to-wall on big media.

A good example is Biden on drive-time radio this morning "Bush has taken all the good options off the table" (on Iraq) yet he offers nothing and the interviewer didn't challenge his empty self-serving statement.

I hit the preset button.

Oliver would be a great liberal radio host...but he's too far off the reservation for the yellow dogs.

No, they'll go with a big name media-Lib talking head like Press or Matthews and pump out the same old crapola.


Crapola?! The guy who writes the Rittenhouse Review? Nah, he'd never do.

Sorry, that was childish.

"So, the lefties want their own radio station."

What, they haven't noticed PBS yet?

I think the actual fundemental problem is that most of the radio listening public is centrist or somewhat conservative. This gives a liberal talk show host some difficulty in obtaining an audience. I'm not saying its not possible, I'm just saying it will be an uphill battle. I personally would not be opposed to hearing an alternate view, but unfortunately much of the views I hear from the left are how much they hate the current administration, rather than what in particular they don't like about what the administration is doing. I want to hear someone who structures a good argument against Bush's policies without resorting to insults. (and that is partly what pisses me off about Rush, and other conservative commentators. 1/2 the time they have well thought out arguments, and then the other the languish into demagogery which is specifically why I can't stand the extreme left!)