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what is that man smoking?

Jacques Chirac - crack user.

I mean, that has to be it, right?


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He's not a crack user, he's just naturally delusional. Like most Frenchmen, he believes his country still has the power to wield international influence. The sad truth is that France is past its prime, and their country's power and importance has been on the decline for a century now, and they clearly can't accept that. Hence, Chirac thinks he can bully the nations of Eastern Europe who have the audacity to side with the United States instead of the ancient (decaying) France.

Still a nice country to retire to.

Jacques hates it when the rest of the world goes all unilateralist on him.

You know, all this anti-French invective does worry me, and is in many ways the most unexpected element of the whole debate.

I can understand a little hostility towards France, but that BAGHDAD FIRST, THEN PARIS banner you had on your page last time i checked showed you to be a little delusional yourself.

Buddy if you'd lived in Paris at all and seen how they drive you'd know that they don't give two shits about the value of human life.

I think that D just proved i can tolerate the quick-witted french-bashing.


I think that D just proved i can tolerate the quick-witted french-bashing.