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i fart in your general direction

I said I wasn't going to be serious tonight. I've about had it up to here with hate mail. I'm not the only one, either (It's all over the blogosphere today).

So, in the spirit of which I promised tonight's posts, I say this to not only the person who floored me with his tasteless stab at me in the comments of his own blog, but to Megan's hate mailers and Andrea's trolls:

You don't frighten us, pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you! I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!*

*sure, they were french. you will forgive me this transgression in honor of the spirit of this post.


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They so were not French. They were Brits writing French, which is a huge difference.

Yay, Brits! (Well, post 1812, anyway.)

I meant in the movie, they were French guards who spoke those lines.

Heh! I love that movie.

For some reason -- mostly because they aren't smart enough to figure out how to mail me, I think -- my trolls simply leave comments.

The best ones are the pack of sillies -- three of them, it appears -- who continually try to bait and provoke debate in the area where people are registering their support for the Democracy In Iraq campaign. When I delete their comments and email them to tell them they should post them elsewhere, they post still more comments in the same thread, trying to say that I don't support democracy if I nuke their messages.

Some people have no reason to live except to spew hatred, I guess.

My trolls are nearly always: a) literally non-sensical, b) telling me that I'm an anti-Christian bigot for blacklisting/boycotting religious institutions that are homophobic, and oh by the way, what the hell is wrong with me for being bi, c) some combination thereof.

I think this means I should rachet up the blood-thirstiness quotient. I need to do my part to deflect and absorb some of the hate mail aimed at you and Megan and Andrea and Glenn and Andrew and everyone else. Human shields for bloggers!

Don't fret the pudwhackers little lady, just keep on keepin on.

You're giving them what they want.

Most historians place King Arthur before the sixth century. This means that the French castle guard Michele quoted is from an era long before France became the worthless sewer of cowardice it is today. Therefore, it is absolutely acceptable to taunt the slimy French pond scum with reminders of what "Frenchmen" were capable of, in the past. Whether it is Charles Martel's victory at Tours, William the Conqueror's victory at Hastings, Napoleon Bonaparte's many victories, or the hilarious castle guard from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, reminding them of what they once were is a way of reminding them of what they no longer are, and that is a good thing.

Riyadh delenda est!

Well, I just had my first incident ever. I got an e-mail to my yahoo mailbox which is my primary mailbox. someone sent me a 'tool' for deleting a worm and sent an attachment with it that had the worm in it. yahoo virus wall apparently deleted the attachment that contained the worm. i was undecided about what to do with it, then decided to forward the nasty little package to the fed agency that investigates these criminals. it's some group that supervises internet safety. i suggested that they try to track down mr. nasty. i hope they catch him. this is one of the reasons why i like yahoo mail.

Anyway, don't let them get under your skin. They are empty-minded people who can't find something more constructive to do with their time.

Well, popularity has it's backside. I don't have it... popularity, I mean... Not a backside, I have a backside... I'm sitting on it!

Oh, never mind...

Uh, Meryl, make that post-1863. Despite being anti-slavery, the Brits were close to recognizing the Confederacy in order to reopen their cotton supply. The Emancipation Proclamation was, to a great extent, intended to prevent this.

I hardly ever get troll email. I think my trolls are too stupid to find my email address on my site. I am disappointd in the quality of my trolls.

Let them come! There is one dwarf yet in Moria that still draws breath!

Edit their comments in a symbol sub-set like Dingbats:

gibberish in=gibberish out.

Technically you haven't deleted their comments or censored content.

One of the major issues with the internet is the shield of anonimity that most people hide behind. Everyone is safe behind their keyboards. Those who don't post email addresses /contact info are even bigger cowards.

I am writing my own blogging software. I plean on making it mandatory to have a valid email address before your post goes live. Of course, many trolls will just sign up for some freebee address and spew their stuff, but at least I can track it better.

P.S. Yes I am a geek. Writing software is my job.

Ken & Michele: Oh.

Say. You think I'm crazy for thinking of finally moving over to MT and enabling comments?

I dunno. Been thinking about it. Don't know if I will.