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hey, joe!

To readers who watch JM and are in a different time zone: There are no spoilers here as of yet, and if I do decide to blog about the ending, I will warn you.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick. Didn't we do all this rehashing last week? Are they going to show us these lamenting losers for another hour?

Here is my prediction on what's going to happen. I am totally wrong, but it's interesting think about.

Joe picks Zora because he thinks she will love him with or without the money. (Read: he thinks she's easily had).

Joe then tells Zora the news. He's just a piss poor former underwear model who makes less money than the fry cook at McDonald's.

He looks longingly into Zora's eyes with that "but you love me anyhow because I'm so charming" look.

Zora says "That's ok, I lied to you as well. I'm filthy rich. Swimming in it. Loaded. I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills."

And then she gives him the finger and walks out.

In reality, I don't believe there is suprise in any of this. My warped little mind says they are all actors in the adult film business following a script.

I'd also like to kick the Butler's ass and put a spork in Heidi's eyes.

Ok, look down below for spoilers.



Sporks. Truly the most singular evil on earth.

Don't you dare say another word, some of your readers are on Pacific time and maybe haven't even caught an episode EVER yet and are planning to watch THIS one! Zora's the little brown haired gal, right? I think the best is YET to come. And what we REALLY need is a spork with a KNIFE as the handle..........shit, I gave it away before I got the patent........

Did you ever see the Crying Game? Zora, baby.

I am going to agree with you and say that the big surprise or "twist" might be that Fox lied the the viewing audience the whole time and it was all set up.
I've already read a few articles that offer compelling proof that it was all loosely scripted and all the contestants were in fact aspiring actors.
the magic is in the editing baby!
I must admit while watching it before something "off" about the whole thing......

And here I'm thinking it was just adorable.

You know what? You watched. So who wins? They do.

That's okay, I watched too. It was all my wife's fault, really, I had no interest at all, I swear...

Michele, as a reality television addict,
I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment.

I'd just like to go on record as saying that I called the "twist" exactly. I called it when the show was first getting ready to air, and I called it again when I saw the teaser for the finale. And I don't even watch the show -- I simply said, "You know, they'll probably end up doing X at the end of the show." Last night, reading a summary of the episode, my wife said, "Hey, you were right!"

TV is so freaking predictable. Someone made a couple million dollars for developing that show for FOX, and I managed to make the same decisions from the comfort of my living room.

I only watched 1/2 an episode of a previous show and the last hour of last night's show and I have to agree with you - that show sucked ass!! I kept waiting for them to say, "We're all really a bunch of REALLY.BAD actors.", because that is what it seemed like to me.

My husband watched nothing but the last 10 minutes of the show yesterday and he totally called the "twist" - it is back to "Survivor" for me.

Why are there no metal sporks?!