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Here's the flash presentation I linked to this morning. It was created by Dissident Frogman.


this is hard core. Very powerful.

to bad it's just a bunch of bullshit

Your right, Mr. Anynomous, the peace movement is a bunch of bullshit...

Actually, I did some research, and I found several sites with the same pictures and the same basic story. The best one is here.

But, I agree. The pictures were probably faked by the US government. Nothing like this actually happens in real life. In real life, everyone loves one another and hugs flow freely.

Oh, well let's go kill the leader of Northern Ireland, while we're at it. How about Brazil? Let's get all those bastards...

I also think North Korea has issues too and needs to be dealt with.

First, we get the UN to apply sanctions. Then we give them a list of things that need to be taken care of before they are lifted. We attempt diplomacy first.

Then, after twelve years or so of them telling us to stick it in our asses, we bomb the shit of them and free the people.

You seem to forget we've tried to be patient with this asshole.

There will never be enough evidence of atrocity to satisfy the members of the so-called "peace movement".
It is not really about peace for these people.
It is about freedom:
The "freedom" to run through the streets of cities, pillaging under the cloak of anonymity;
The "freedom" to demonstrate in orgiastic bursts of primal violence and rampant destruction;
It is about courage:
The "courage" that is borne by the absence of any real fear of getting caught, the absence of any spectre of personal cost, either social or punitive;
The "courage" to hide in large numbers, behind silly masks and picket signs with over-simplified slogans, thereby saving the intellectually lazy the effort of any real thought;
It is about equality:
The "equality" that is reserved for the elitist pseudo-intellectuals who talk only among themselves;
The "equality" to foster the indoctrination of the Novice, who, out of fear of ridicule, readily agrees without question;
It is about all of these things, never to be shared with those who may dissent.

Heh, the "so-called 'peace movement.'" I can just feel the anger welling up inside you.


I have marched in several peace marches. And you know what? I have never "pillaged under a cloak of anonymity." Neither have I run wild with "orgiastic bursts of primal violence and rampant destruction." If peace marches were really about self-congratulatory liberal cliques, then every subsequent march would not be doubling in size.

The vast majority of these people? Like you. Like me. They do not wear masks, overturn police cars, or light things on fire. Do they believe intensely about something? Hell yes. But don't you? The vitriol I've read in this blog's comments is fairly intense, and yet pales in comparison to other, less rational outlets for discussion. Why are you allowed to cling dogmatically to your positions, but when others believe differently, they are - and I quote a parent post - "a bunch of bullshit?"