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whose peace did you march for?

(revised post)

Ok, I was a bit confused as to who made the flash presentation, but that's been cleared up in the comment. It was Dissident Frogman who created the piece.

It was Dean, however, who first pointed it out to me, so he gets credit for that.


Thank you for the link. I thought is was one of the most powerful arguments I have heard in a long while.

I saw this on the Dissident Frogmans site a couple of days ago, you should give him credit for being the original creaator. here's the link

It is indeed Dissident Frogman's. If you look at the end of the presentation, you'll see his URL is listed right there.

I fought all morning to figure out how to get it to display in Movable Type. Anyone who needs the code I used can just shoot me a note. Frogman gave permission for anyone who wants to to publish it, but didn't give very clear instructions on how.

sorry, I wasn't pointing fingers, Frogman indeed gave all who wanted to permission to use it. It was the way our lovely hostess introduced it that made it seem like your work. My bad, for not being more clear....

I made the same mistake, Michele, when I linked to it...didn't realize it until I went to the creator's website on an unrelated link from John Hawkins.

Russell Wardlow has snaps up from the SF protests... do read his commentary...the last graf is priceless.

Check out whats goin' on over at Andrea Harris' site. http://spleenville.com/journal/ What a trip!

har har, waxx. Thanks for trying to send trolls my way.