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doh! i mean, snow!

There's a blizzard on the way and that's not hyperbole. They actually said blizzard. Haven't had one of those in ages.

I'm fooling around with a few different photo gallery makers and I may just end up doing the whole thing in Moveable Type. It probably won't get up tonight as planned, but that just leaves you more time to get an entry in. Be warned, the entries I have already are pretty good.

If the weather forecasts are anywhere near right, I'm not too optimistic about having an internet connection tommorow.

What are you doing here anyhow? The 300th episode of The Simpsons is on!


And Michele, this is what's coming your way ...

I live in Florida. What is that stuff?

Michele.....you don't want ANY photos from me. Look at my site and tell me you do. (Hint, check out the post "Beware the Fucktard)

We've got 12" on the ground already and 4" to 6" more coming. I wish to Hell I had a snowblower.

What's all this shit about global warming?

I shoveled twice today, and when I put the dogs out a little while ago there was already another 2 inches built up.

10" in Virginia.. want me to mail you some? I've been stuck in my frickin' apartment all weekend becuase these damn southerners don't know what to do when it snows this much!

Mighty, mighty cold here in Memphis. No snow but three days and nights of continuous rain.

My Welsh Corgi loves the snow.

It's deeper than he is high.

And that's BEFORE the blizzard hits.

Imperial Falconer

just bought a subaru forester this weekend. looks like we got it just in time. like wesley willis would say....the beauty of allwheel drive!

Will the Civil Defense poster gallery still be open for submissions after you post it? I want to enter, but probably won't have time to make my submission until tomorrow night at the earliest. (Yes, I have work tomorrow. Bah.)