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mmmm inhaling cleaning fluids

All work and no play makes Michele something something.

Busy day today, but I'll be back tonight to start putting up the entries for the Civil Defense Poster Contest. You still have time to send them in.

If anyone knows anything about downloading and installing Gallery please let me know.

Also, one of my reader took the initiative to photoshop some of Asparagirl's pictures. The results are pretty hilarious (I hope she doesn't mind!). Look for them in various comments. I will put them all in one post tonight.


I took a look at installing gallery myself, but it is way over my head. If anyone knows where to find a REALLY dumbed-down tutorial (i.e.: "step one, press the 'on' button to turn your computer on . . ."), please post it here! Thanks :-)

I kin do it. It's trivial.

I looked at Gallery a few months ago and decided it was overkill for a blog photo album. I use http://photoframe.sourceforge.net/ which I found very easy to install and get running

Just use MT. Piece o' cake.

My server wasn't very happy with it, but I eventually got it to work. Took some doing, though.

Now I may not be a smart man... but someone please explain the France and Texas one to me in Asparagirl's pictures?

Also, I heard the chant in Sydney was "What do we want? No war. When do want it? Right now." Well right now there is no war so you should be happy, shut up and go home.

I didn't get the France / Texan one either. I figured my parody didn't have to make sense either :)

I will readily admit that being against the war does not automatically make one "pro-Saddam", but it is difficult to interpret "UN Inspectors Out of Iraq" as anything but "pro-Saddam".

Apparently someone snuck into my bedroom last night and gave me a lobotomy because I can think enough like the protestors to understand the France/Texan one. They're saying that if France wasn't blocking him, Bush would take over the world. In a bit of irony that I'm sure the protestors are unaware of, in 1839 France was the first nation to recognize the Republic of Texas.

Oh yeah, you can still see the building that housed the Texas embassy in Paris at 1 Place Vendome 75001.

I've installed Gallery and can help out.

Keith V, that's gotta be the most obscure possible reference at a protest march ever.

That's like Blix standing in front of everyone and laughing before saying "naw, its a joke see, it'd take too long to explain"

Obscure but a good example of how many of these protesters are turning out for political reasons that aren't really connected with war with Iraq. Obviously the poster is intended as a slam against Bush but if Bush were the would-be-world-beater that the sign makes him out to be, he would have already turned Iraq into a parking lot instead of wasting so much time screwing around with the UN.

No, I don't mind at all! What are the photos for if not to make fun of those batshits? :-)

I have links at my site to at least three other people who Photoshopped the protestors' signs too, including my soon-to-be brother-in-law (age 18) who, in coincidental reference to the above comment, went with a mid-1800's theme. Go figure.