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here's your ANSWER

For those who wrote to say that ANSWER has no part in the NYC protests:

marching socialists

Not only is ANSWER well reprsented, its members are also out in force advertising the next big ANSWER sponsored rally in D.C.

marching socialists

both pictures from Newsday


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Are you trying to bait me? ;)

ANSWER did not organize the NY event, and they refused to endorse the event. That was made very clear in an interview I heard with the NY organizer the other day -- I think she was actually relieved. The ANSWER people, I think, are more trouble than they are worth.

That said, they are still going to show up because it's more publicity for them. The more we talk about them, the better (or so they think.) I wouldn't put it past them to be there just to piss people like you off.

I'm still leaning anti-war, Michele, but I'll not align myself with the ANSWER people. Count on it.

I have an answer for the ANSWER people. It's the baseball bat in my trunk.


I'll be in the city by noon on Sunday. Hope to see a few strays.


I have a ton of photos from the NYC rally up at my site and my photoblog. And yes, ANSWER signs were out in force, and I caught a pic of one of them. But there were better things to see. Like the hammer-and-sickle flags (as opposed to the other, more boring plain red flags) and the people from the Socialist Worker and commie pamphleteers.

Oh, and the guys and girl (?!) wearing khaffiyeh. And the one who made his kid wear a sign around his neck asking why we weren't investigating Israel.

Or maybe it was the Bush-is-evil motif that kept popping up?

Whatever. In any case, ANSWER is indeed the tip of the iceberg and not a big part of the NYC rally...only because it got eclipsed by other dipshits.

I've been reading about the Soviet organizing and funding of the nuclear freeze and anti-war movements in the 70s and 80s. I can wait to read the accounts of who is funding these demonstrations. Bets on Saddam; the PRC; France.