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today's protests: the blair blood project

picture courtesy of foxnews.comThis morning Tony Blair said of the protesters:

"If there are one million, that is still less than the number of people who died in the wars [Saddam] started."
Meanwhile, protesters call for the blood of Blair.

So, let me get this straight. They anti-war people would rather shed the blood of someone who is trying to bring democracy to Iraq rather than see the death of the man who is keeping Iraq from being free.

That sound about right?


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Sounds like they had some mighty fine weed down at march headquarters.

Wrong. The sign is merely asking those who want to start the war to be the ones who fight it.

How does your young husband feel about the war? Has he enlisted?

My young husband was drafted and his ass was sent to VN.

My young father fought his way through the Rhineland so cowardly jerks who do not leave email addresses can enjoy the freedom to make stupid comments on blogs in English, not German.

I was talking to michele.

Ok, anonymous visitor whose IP address is

My "young husband" is not enlisted simply because he can't enlist.

The reason is really none of your god damn business.

The whole war on Iraq and war on terrorism thing is a joke to lots of people in the UK. Blair invites terrorists like Gerry Adams, and Martin McGuinness to No. 10 Downing Street for tea and crumpets - and then he says to the world that he is fighting a war on terrorism.

Blair has allowed the release of terrorists on both sides in Northern Ireland. You might not hear much outside of Northern Ireland at the moment, but I'm sure you will again in the years to come. The pot is still boiling, just like it is in the Middle East - until you deal properly with the causes.

I have friends and family who are out in the Middle East at the moment. Some are doing normal jobs, others are in the military - and I'm fully behind them (read: as long they do their jobs properly and professionally - I have no qualms). But they know as well as me, that whatever happens between Iraq and the Allies - the age old problems of terrorism will remain, and probably be aggravated further.

And just what are those "causes" that we have to deal with? Terrorists want one thing and one thing only: power. We absolutely cannot give it to them. There's your root cause -- the only root cause that really means anything to terrorists and their supporters. And I agree that Blair was a fool to deal with Gerry Adams as if Adams was a normal head of anything other than a terrorist mafia.

Indeed terrorists want power, but so does every other person involved - they want to take a lot of the power away that we have today. Power can be defined as land, mindshare or wealth. If we expect to have great power overseas and to hold onto it, we should expect casualties. It's a trade-off: power or safety. If you don't want terrorism then do not infringe upon someone elses property.

Britain had it's empire chipped away by terrorism. However, most people look back on the Mau-Mau's etc as freedom fighters and not as terrorists.

Probably the root cause of the current Middle Eastern conflict is the US. This dates back to US actions to finally break up the remaining British colonies such as Palestine. Another thing that is often forgotten about is why British people fought in WW2 - not to only liberate Jews persecuted in Germany, but to bloody well protect themselves! Few people at the time would have thought about actually creating a nation for these displaced people - this also needs to be compared with Kurdish history.

Although the US has a lot of military clout, it cannot get a mindshare. The British couldn't get a mindshare of the Republican factions in Ireland because although only 1% of the population were terrorists 60%+ of the people were complicit and supported them in ways we don't necessarily define as terrorism (same goes for the other side).

OK so you might think that you can overcome this mindshare problem? Well no you can't. People are entrenched and since it affects the way they live or want to live you will not be able to make changes. Don't believe for one second that you have solved Afghanistan's problems - there will be many more to come...

Good point about the mindshare thing. A little off on the "root cause" of the current Middle East situation. If anyone is to blame, it's the British and their oil companies and specifically, Percy Cox, who created the arbitrary boundaries and Euro-style monarchies to divide and conquer the region. The conflict in Israel got hot when the British double-crossed both the Jews and the Palestinians. Since then, obviously, US involved has complicated matters.

When the British had their 13 colonies in North America chipped away, was that terrorism?

What planet are you from, Brian? On Earth, most people I know still think of the Mau Maus as terrorists, NOT freedom fighters. What, can't Africans be terrorists too? And as for your naive "terrorists just want to redistribute the power and territory so all the poor people and widdle animals will be happy" shtick, try it on someone else. You try appeasing a terrorist, see how long they'll let you live. Terrorists are serial killers dressed up in political clothing, nothing more. And just what the hell is "mindshare"? That sounds like a word from a comic book, or a communist pamphlet. Use a real word, please.

Communist? Always with the Communism! 'Mindshare' is a popular marketing concept.

Communist? Always with the Communism! 'Mindshare' is a popular marketing concept.


If terrorists were only serial killers they would be a lot easier to deal with. But since you have hardline terrorists right through to people who are only going to get involved if their friends get killed they aren't so easy to spot, wipe out, emulsify or whatever.

A Provisional IRA quote following the Brighton bomb 1984 sums up the situation: "Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You have to be lucky always".

The Kenyan government has recently exhumed the remains of the Mau Mau leader [Dedan Kimathi] hung for treason by the British. He is to have a ceremonial burial. Kenya is supposedly a partner of the US in it's war against terrorism.

Dedan Kimathi is considered to be a martyr by many Kenyans because he evaded the British and planned sneak attacks on settlements.

Mindshare is a proper word. Originally derived from the field of marketing - the simplest definition would be a person's 'buy in' to a concept or idea.

I never stated anywhere that you should appease terrorists - Mr Blair does that. However I pointed out that there are certain things that increase the chances of you becoming a victim of terrorism.


The chipping away of a British colonies, French colonies and US facilities overseas is all terrorism if it involves violence, or the threat of violence - since it involves actions outside 'war'.

Yeah, I was just making a rather ... er, weak ... joke. OMG, Andrea's gonna call me a Communist again!!!!!

Blamb: yawn.

Andrea: I love you :)