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blair gives a good speech, but needs a makeover

Tony Blair is smooth.

I watched his speech for about an hour this morning. The gist of it:

To the U.N.: Grow some balls.

To the protesters: You are clueless.

To Saddam: You are dead meat.

All in all, a pretty good talk. But I do wish he wouldn't look so dapper as he's trying to sound mean and threatening. He needs to loosen his tie and roll up his sleeves. He looks too much like a Ken doll.

I was supposed to go to the train station today to hand out anti-protester flyers to the hippies boarding the peace train, but it's too cold and I'm too lazy.

This is why I never joined the counterculture.


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Since you stay at home, I feel better about staying home and not going to the protests, too. Makes 1:1 missing. So I try to contribute by anti-war blogging. Blair is very much like you described, but he's just the same when he talks about school politics or museums or whatever. Don't get used to him, if he continues to support the US in the Iraq point, the Brits won't elect him again if there will be a chance of an alternative to him. About 500.000 people are reported to protest at the moment in London and the whole UK against this war and Blairs role in it.

I just can't get over how all these people protesting the war are the same people who will enjoy greater safety from terrorism once we get rid of Saddam and all terrorist-supporting regimes.

Bunch of goddamn hypocrites. They can afford to get on their soapbox and preach about rainbows and puppies and their ideals of peace. They can afford to, because the US will do the dirty work to ensure their safety from terrorism.

Hypocrites, hypocrites.

Oh, and PS: I would so do Tony Blair. For the good of our country. Because THAT'S the kind of American I am!

"This is why I never joined the counterculture."

I think that those of us - the vast majority - who know that the United States is doing the right thing are secure enough in our beliefs that we don't feel the need to go out and shout obscenities and banal slogans. You never do see a whole lot of "pro-war" rallies.

"the US will do the dirty work to ensure their safety from terrorism". So the Brits that will be there are just for show?

Oh for God's sake. It's a COMMENT, not a dogdamn GRADUATE THESIS.


Jeez. Guess what? Mine's a comment too! For God's sake.

BeerMary, if swatting a fly could end terrorism, Israel would be the safest place on earth and Northern Ireland would have been a peaceful, happy place for the past century or ten.

Replacing Saddam Hussein won't guarantee a happy ending. Look at Iran. The CIA replaced the democratically elected government with the brutal Shah's regime and what came out of it? The current theocracy.

Oh man, this PCP-laced pot is making me paranoid. I've got to get my feet on the ground.

in life, life shall prevail, anglo saxon life shall find the far corners of the world, in perfect moral harmony, like subjects of god, and spread truth to the oppressed, and liberate those who stoop before the ragged heel of despotism, and forced rule, and unjust persecution, and facism, like knights who keep oaths