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my husband's valentine

My husband just called to tell me a package from Toren arrived today. Hence, this valentine:

my husband's heart
used to lust for topanga
but she's been replaced
by the sender of manga

on this valentine's night
when our libidos are roarin'
i guess i'll forgive him
when he yells out "toren!"


To the two of you nutjobs... :0)

That's funny.

I, uh, used to have a crush on Topanga, too.

Happy Valentine's Day, Michele. I hope things continue to go well for you in the no smoking area...I commend you. I would think it hard to try to quit smoking at a time like this when we are led to believe that the terrorists are just going to get us anyway, so keep it up!

BTW, Did you know there is a Stop Smoking Quitmeter?
Want to know how much money you saved since you quit smoking?

Personally, I've always been a fan of Topanga's "dad", Jedediah.

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, here's what he's going to be thinking of. Gentlemen, meet Major Motoko Aramaki, cyber-babe supreme.