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blackmail valentine

I've taken two prizes over at Mig's Valentine Limerick Contest.

Michele, of course, wins in both the best limerick about Mig's penis category as well as the Michele wins no matter what category:

There once was a fellow name Mig
Who dressed only in leaf of fig
Til one day his boner
Knocked something over
And now he wears pants that are big.

It's good to know I win no matter what. What I want to know is why?

Oh...yes. That AIM conversation I save about the circus midgets, the cucumber and the whipping post.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mig. This pink heart on my ass is for you.


There once was a loser named Jim
And the ladies were not fond of him
Got no girls in the sack?
Buy a bottle of Jack
And then fill your glass up to the rim

There once was a fella named Geoff,
who was not unlike Playboy Mag's Hef.
But despite his jacuzzi
and his house full of floozies
he couldn't rhyme a third word with "Geoff."

Piss-poor, I know. Heh.

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