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i have a heart on

Just so you don't think I'm a totally unromantic bastard, in honor of Valentine's Day I'm wearing red panties. They have a pink lace heart on the ass.

See, I'm not a total cynic.


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Ve must haf proof! Ve vill not believe your romantic intent 'till you post pictures!

Lots of pictures in revealing poses. That is the only way to prove you un-cynicism

C'mon! Don't we get to see? ;)

in honor of Valentine's Day I'm wearing red panties.

Hey, so am I! Jinx! Buy me a Coke!

In Honor of Valentines Day I am NOT wearing panties. Pfft... who wears underwear anyway?

Michele you are an excellent writer...but at times it is important to remember...a picture is worth a thousand words.

happy valentine's day!

and in honor of you i'll force myself to take another shit-happy shot of tequila and dance around in my butterfly thongs.

ah...the things i would do for you...


i love you!

I think it's very romantic. I just find it interesting that the heart's in back.

I once worked with a waiter who pinned a heart the size of a candy box to his chest every Valentines day and would announce to every table he waited on,
"Look, I have a big red heart on!"

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