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nothing to see here


You can go return all that duct tape and plastic sheeting now.

Does anyone want to buy a couple of cases of powdered milk? Forty cans of Spaghettios?

just kidding, i really didn't buy that. but i did buy a case of vodka and the economy package of tampons


Not yet, that is.
Michele, have you seen this website: http://dogeggs.com .
It has a copy of Clintons announcement for bombing Iraqi children and hospitals in 1998 and other good stuff. You like. War bad.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to make a duct tape wallet? Real plans please..........really.

you can check out Jim and Tim the Duct Tape Guys for a good duct tape wallet plan. If this link doesn't work go to my website and click on the link to the links page, and scroll down to find a working link to their site.

Thanks, Chip. Right on. xo

This news article scares me. The only reason it gives for believing the story is fabricated is that the guy failed a lie detector test.

They might as well have said they asked a ouija board if the threat was valid and it told them "no". There's no real established correlation between lie detector results and veracity. Congress really needs to pass a law forbidding the FBI and CIA from using the damn things.

Here is one other thing to think about. The level of technology that it takes to create a nuclear device that is small enough to fit into a briefcase or laptop is extremely sophisticated. That technology exists in only a few countries, the US being one of them. If you recall all of the early nuclear devices were huge. Spheres of well over 13 or 14 feet in diameter. If the CIA believes that it's possible for terrorists to have acquired a suitcase size nuke that means that they also believe they acquired it in a black market scenario.

If that is the case, and our intelligence community feels that there are nukes to be had on the black market, the disarming of Iraq will not make the US even marginally safer from the terrorist nuclear scenario. It also means that the administration needs to figure out what the plan is regarding nuclear proliferation because that is a problem that simply cannot be addressed militarily. It will need the full cooperation of countries like Russia and China who we are currently in the process of pissing off with our insistence of building the National Missile Defense Shield which I might add, is a technology that is still being perfected but already has a known weakness that cannot be addressed.

I thought mebbe the Vodka hasn't chilled you out sufficiently... my niece in Brooklyn is really stressed with four kids & a firefighter husband...so I whipped up sound version of the threat meter thingie for a few cheap laughs. It's on the blog.

No wait! Hold on to that duct tape and plastic sheeting for one more night.

It's Valentine's Day.


Duct tape, a roll of plastic, five gallons of peanut oil and a hotel room as far from the office as possible... remember to throw all the bedding and towels on the floor of the bathroom or you could have a nasty fall...

Memories of my days on the road in a rock band...