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the flow of the game

I hate these days when I don't even eat dinner until 9pm. However, I always believed that busy is better than bored.

You'll be thrilled, I'm sure, with the news that the Green Machine Girls are now 7-0. That's right, I am undefeated as a coach this year. I, errr...I mean the girls are undefeated. Yes.

Overheard at the game:

Natalie (to teammate): What's your problem? You've been squirming around all night!
Girl: I...I have gas. It hurts.
Natalie. So? Fart!
Girl: I can't fart!! That's just so rude.
Natalie: You want to hear my fart motto?
Girl: I guess.
Natalie: Go with the flow, with the gas in your ass!
Girl (giggling): Go with the flow, with the gas in your ass!
Natalie: Yea, go for it!
Girl: (insert long, low fart sound here)
Natalie: See? You look better already.
Girl: I never knew a fart could be so good.
Natalie: Or smell so bad!

I'll be back after my gas-free dinner.


nice work, grrlz!

my ten year old son's team is 5-0 so far!

I'm just so glad the rest of the story wasn't about menstruation.

My motto has always been, "It's better to bear the shame than bear the pain."

...better an empty house than a bad tenant...

Natalie sounds like she is a chip off the...um...young block.

Congratters on the 7-0 winning streak.

Just not in elevators, tho, k?

"The unlikely duo's knot began unraveling on their honeymoon, when, according to Borgnine, he garnered the lion's share of fan attention, which left Merman seething. ... But things weren't exactly coming up roses for the Merm: she was allegedly subjected to the silent and deadly "Dutch Oven," which involved Borgnine releasing toxic fumes in bed while trapping her under the sheets."

from http://entertainment.msn.com/news/article.aspx?news=114177