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isn't it romantic?

A Small Victory's Top Romantic Movies, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

10. Tromeo and Juliet
9. Cemetery Man
8. Sid and Nancy
7. Edward Scissorhands
6. Blue Velvet
5. Fear
4. Princess Bride
3. Dead Alive
2. Dead Again
1. True Romance

Guess I'm not much of a lace and roses romantic.

Sorry I don't have time to supply links to each movie right now. I'm leaving work and going to finish my terrorist attack supply shopping and then coach the P.A.L. Girls Green Machine to (hopefully) another victory.

Anyhow, feel free to add your own, but make sure they fit in. The first person to say Titanic gets their IP banned.


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To continue in the thread of bittersweet romantic movies, I would add:

- "Now, Voyager"
- "Chasing Amy"

And lovely sappy romantic movies:

- "When Harry Met Sally..."
- "The Muppets Take Manhattan"

And fucked-up romantic movies (file this one under "I'd do anything for love"):

- "Heavenly Creatures"

I picked up The Banger Sisters and My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the Mrs. the other day. I know I'll never want to watch them myself, which I guess what love truly means.

Or maybe it means that I ought to vacuum the place and mop the kitchen.


You're welcome.

"Boxing Helena".
Just bought it in the bargain bin for $3.99 too!

Dead Ringers.

What no Heathers, Full Metal Jacket, Excorcist, Night of the Living Dead, Leaving Las Vegas, Omen (pick your fav), Schindler's List or Platoon?

These are all fine date films.

"Betrayal" (the one with Ben Kingsley): wife cheats on hubby with his best friend. Hard to find on video. Too bad.

"Washington Square": man falls in love with plain woman, probably because Dad's rich. Dad is suspicious, drives him away. She remains a spinster. It's from one of Henry James' happier stories.

"Run Lola Run": girl must steal money for dumbass boyfriend. Loses current political points for being in German.

Go Green.

Dead Ringers! WHoa....what a perfect choice!

In The Company of Men

Woody Allen's two bittersweet romantic masterpieces, "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan," deserve mention. Also, "Men," from 1987; wickedly funny, but also losing points because of its German origin.

I decided to help you start a trend by making my own damn list.


Cherry 2000.

Actually I didn't like the T thing or the LS things that was Al and Tipper.

I did like Sleepless in Seattle but I am into classics and Casablanca in my favorite.
Gone with the Wind isn't bad but its so dang long.

What, no "Empire Strikes Back"?

Deep Throat

Raising Arizona

I second Joe Dougherty's "Run Lola Run" recommendation, although his summary of the movie isn't really accurate.

Other nonstandard movies with a love story:
- "Donnie Darko"
- "Pleasantville"
- "Dark City"
- "Conan the Barbarian" :)

On the "actually romantic" side of things, "Say Anything" is the alpha and omega of romantic films in my opinion. Great writing, plus it's got John Cusack in it, and John Cusack is the man. "Manhattan" is also great, as is "Show Me Love" if you're not bothered by lesbians.

prick up your ears


apartment zero

Bride Of Frankenstein

Marty, Life Is Beautiful, Avanti

Pulp Fiction - there's nothing more romantic than a couple robbing a diner!

Crying Game - it's the ages-old story: Boy Meets Girl, Girl Turns Out To Be Something Else.

Species - same reason.

FYI, Fox News just had a bit about an anti-Valentine's Day riot in India.


Monster's Ball

The 'make me happy, make me happy' scene was so romantic. ;)

To Dan: well, trying to sum up the plot of "Run Lola Run" isn't easy, no matter what. I didn't want to give too much away.

I have two more:

"Days of Wine and Roses"
"The Boost"

Woman In the Dunes

Death Race 2000


Monsoon Wedding

Dogfight (last saw this a long time ago)


Oh! And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! Yes, done now. _

Ronin and

Blade Runner plus

Tommy Boy

The River's Edge

"wonder if there's any beer left in that can?"

My Dog Skip. Ummmm... I'm assuming that we're not just talking about romantic love here...

Well, if we're not limited to romantic love, how about platonic boy-robot love? I refer, of course, to The Iron Giant. Makes me cry every time.

But for Valentine's Day? Feb. 14 is cursed for me, so I'll be enjoying The War of the Roses. 'Cause when I look at you lately, I just want to smash your face in. (No, not you personally, Michele.)

Naughty Nighttime Nurses - the directors cut.

I like "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". I think there is a woman in it at some point.

What, no "Army of Darkness"?
"Gimme some sugar, baby."

Also, "Kill Me Later". That's not a request, it's a movie.

Killing Zoe

Your Friends & Neighbors


""Manhattan" is also great, as is "Show Me Love" if you're not bothered by lesbians."

People are bothered by lesbians? [mind boggles]

Oh, come now...

No one thought of "Love Stinks"? French Stewart and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras trying to kill each other, and the Vegas ending with the Elvis impersonator is classic!

Baby, baby, gotta go with "Grosse Point Blank" as the best love story of all time.

guy loses girl, guy returns 10 years later to kill girl's father, guy redeems himself and SAVES father, gets father's blessing to marry girl.

What could be better than that. Besides, how greatr is that moment when he is holding the baby?