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code pink?

The pacifists are becoming more noticeable around these parts. Yesterday, I spotted a van with a huge sign on the side of it that read "CODE PINK: NO WAR!"
Last night at 7-11, there were two kids handing out "No Blood for Oil" flyers. And today on the way to work I saw two cars with bumper stickers that said "War is Not the Answer!"

Of course, I must counter attack. My lovely sister Lisa has provided me with both a flyer and a bumper sticker to put on my SUV. You may print them out and attach them to your car window if you wish.

I'll also be leaving a whole bunch of these at a few Long Island Railroad stations before Saturday's mass exodus of peacenicks headed to NYC.

flyer (40k)

bumper sticker (20k)


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You rock! I love them!

That's the wonderful thing about living in the south. I suppose we have anti-war flakes around Birmingham somewhere, they just don't come out during daylight hours. That and the fact the 'golf season' lasts longer than the week before and after the 4th of July.

I'm confused by the message on these. Is a pacifist, for the sake of this discussion, someone who doesn't ever support war, or someone who doesn't support this war. And if someone is a pacifist, is it that they don't deserve the benefits of any oil, or just foreign oil? [I'm not baiting, I'm just trying to get your point]

I don't understand either. I'm all for less consumption of resources. This is supposed to be an anti-pacifist slogan? Pro war sticker? Huh?

Got it! Too funny! Thanks, have printed out and placed in my rear window.

Wonder if anyone else will get it. THANKS!!

Hay! That's my line!


Wait..........Qu'est ce que le question?

Very nice! Y'know, Seattle is full of potluck peaceniks, and every other house has a "no Iraq war" placard in the window. How come they've been able to get so many of those and I haven't yet seen any available that say "Free Iraq!"?

oil is overrated.


That sticker is awesome!!! Someday, when I'm in my 70s I hope I can stick it on my hydrogen car!

Nice!. Did you see mine?

Michele--you are the man!! (Well, you know what I mean. . .)

Would love to get an actual sticker; would be happy to pay!

And, wish someone would make a sticker that said: Use America as a strategic petroleum reserve: pump Arabia first!!!

Yea, it's a bit long. But heart-felt. . .

Here is a good bumper sticker:

"War has never accomplished anything…except ending slavery, fascism and communism."

I whole-heartedly afree. Here's a bumber sticker that would be the target of a few eggs!: http://home.attbi.com/~freeiraqsticker/

Here's a good one: BUMPER STICKERS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. haha!