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A friend of mine just called her daughter's high school and asked if, in the event of a terrorist attack that necessitated evactuation, where should she go to pick up her daughter.

The response? "I'm sorry. That's classified information."


I would immediately go and pick up my child.

Good for them. For all the school knows she could have been part of a terriost organization trying to find out where they could do some more damage.

Here in Fairfax County VA they have an emergency plan in place for the schools, while it is not classified it is equally as stupid. It boils down to, in the event of an "attack" the schools will be in lock-down mode and parents will NOT be allowed to pick up their children until it is deemed "safe". I guess there is no hope of evacuation for those kids.

That should read terrorist. Geez.

here, they have plans only for tthe major cities like tamp. they have been sending papers home with stdents in those counties detailing the plans but not here. hmm.

I agree with Marti. Although I can see how that response might irk a parent.

I would be primarily concerned that they have a plan in place but if secrecy provides a little extra safety (in this case I think it does) then I'm all for it.

My parents have been getting a bit concerned about what to do in the event of a terrorist attack...so my mom sends an email to me here in Spain and says, remember what the "code word" is and where we're supposed to meet. I'm trying to figure out what she's talking about, and how I'd "meet" them given, we're separated by a few thousand miles ... and they live on the road. Even without a terrorist attack I rarely know where they are!

"The response? "I'm sorry. That's classified information.""

Must be that they're stashing them with Dick Cheney at the famous "undisclosed location." This person sounds almost as bright as DJ's principal.......

Yes, they should keep their reaction plan a secret unless/until an event occurs - the kids safety should be their primary consideration.

Slighly off-topic, but... Michelle, imagine schools competing for the oportunity to educate our children. some offer this, some that, some discuss emergency procedures, some don't. Some handle bullies one way, some another. It's your soapbox, and I know the issue is close to your heart. Let me hear you support School Choice.


Keeping that information secret is stupid. The only reason for it to be kept secret is in the event the school itself, and not the greater metropolitan area, is targeted for some sort of attack. What are the chances?

Osama: "Go martyr yourself by flying a plane into the WTC, a hugely symbolic target. On the way, stop at Joe Blow Elementary and ask about their evacuation procedure."

You don't think people target schools???? This past Monday, they had to evacuate a middle school here because they found a pipe bomb in the bathroom. Had they given out the information about where they evacuated to, that info very well could have resulted in a bomb being place there as well. I don't think it's stupid at all. Just because Osama may not care about Joe Blow elementary doesn't mean nobody out there does.

Who do you think made the pipe bomb and placed it in the bathroom? 100:1 that it was a student or group of students from the school.

If a nutjob wants to target a school, you really believe a pipe bomb in the bathroom is the way they are going to do it? That screams delinquent 13 year old boys goofing around. I was once one of them.

Just for the sake of assumption, what if it was a local nutjob? What would prevent him from hiding out near the school and following the students to their evacuation center to cause futher mayhem? Or are we going to have Scotty secretly beam them to a safe location?

I guess I just don't understand what the harm is in keeping it secret.

Wasn't there a movie about this? I swear there was, where a terrorist organization planted a bomb where they knew the children would go and then called in a bomb threat saying the bomb was actually in the school instead. Was this a Die Hard movie? Maybe, I dreamed it. At any rate, I see more potential for harm by advertising it then keeping it a secret.

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