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scoring for the other team

American Stars Slam Bush Over Iraq at Berlin Fest

No, it's not something new that Hollywood stars slam Bush or America. But now they are standing in Germany and saying it.

Germany, one of the ingrate countries who so convienently forget the past while screwing with our future.

To me, Germany is one of a new breed of enemy, one who thumbs their nose at us as they slink off into their dark little corner with their other buddies, plotting and planning new ways to go against us. Germany, France, et al may as well be the idiots on the opposing high school football team, mooning you as their bus passes by.

And there stands Spike Lee, Edward Norton, Dustin Hoffman and Martin Scorcese in the locker room of the opposing team, talking shit about us.

Perhaps we can trade them.


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If all of these celebrities are gonna whine about American foreign policy, take your obscene amounts of money and move away from America. If Susan Sarandon is so against some of the policies, just move away! I do not agree with all of the US policies, but the fact remains that terrorism will not stop because we "hope" it will.

Sometimes I wonder if actually experiencing a war at home makes you more reluctant to wage another one, or inflict one on others. And if this explains anything about the European reluctance to embrace Bush's military ambitions, vs the enthusiasm some Americans feel.

Not to mention some skepticism over whether bombing Iraq will reduce terrorism.

You're missing the point Miguel, it'll make us all feel better. Plus it'll restart the economy. Plus we're doing it in our own defence, doing unto him what he would do unto us only we're doing it first before he can.

I'll trade you Ed Norton for Jude Law and Susan Sarandon for... eugh, no way, I don't want Susan Sarandon! I'll take Sheryl Crow though, give you Kate Winslet for her.

I didn't see France complain too much when we were "imperialistic" in WWII and saved their happy asses. That was only 50 years ago. How quickly they forget.

With a 37% unemployment rate in Berlin, their economy is in very serious trouble.

It will not be long before the SAVE THE CHILDREN ads talk about the poor kids in Germany.

The Germans will love us once more when CARE packages from America arrive on their shores.

"Sometimes I wonder if actually experiencing a war at home makes you more reluctant to wage another one, or inflict one on others."

Point 1: Okay that applies to the small portion of the population over the age of 70.

Point 2: Was said best by Tom Lehrer: "We taught them a lesson in 1918 and they've hardly bothered us since then."

Finally, Germany and Frogland have something in common: They are both Anti-Semetic. I am sure that Spike Lee would love living in Germany. I wonder if we will have an airlift to our Hollywood friends.........Death to America!


Point 1: The effects of a war don't stop when the armistice is signed. See Iraq for details

Point 2: Since I can only assume that you, like Tom, are implying that the German's are warlike by nature doesn't their reluctance to enter a war contradict your point?

No, the effects of war don't stop when the armistice is signed, but the Iraq comparison is hardly apt. The Marshall Plan = sanctions?
I seriously doubt anyone in Fr. or Ger. born after 1960 (to be very generous) can truly claim to understand the effects of war.

So wait, all they are saying, is give peace a chance?....Very original thinking there by the celebrities...but wait, it all sounds so familiar...

Germany: the creche of 9/11.

And Spike Lee should feel right at home with the Anti-Semites in Germany. Hasn't he made a bunch of movies about how Jewish agents rip off the black man? I believe the Big Bad Zionist Conspiracy is one of his favorite themes.

I'm still pouting because Alec baldwin didn't move away like he promised. :(

Oh my - I'm away for a day and already germans have 37% unemployment rate and all are ant-semitists - that's ridiculous. We have an employment rate from about 10 - 11% (which is way too much, but a tad different to 37%), there might be at some quarters of Berlin a higher rate, but at some parts of New York, I bet, too. And Anti-semitists.. Well, I'd bet all I have our percentage is lower than the of the USA anti-semistists and racists in general. We have Nazis, but here we have laws against them, but most of them come from the US and abuse the US Law for their paroling.

What I forgot in my first post - I'll never understand what qualifies any person to have an "official" opinion about nearly everything, just because his face was shown in a movie? I'd wish american politicians come here and talk against war, I don't care for celebrtities.

Gosh Ben...is in freedom of thought why this is a great country? Agree with everyone or move away? Sounds a lot like, uh, Iraq.

This dude is an Americano in Iraq.

Well, I'd bet all I have our percentage is lower than the of the USA anti-semistists and racists in general

According to the Anti-Defamation League:
"Jews don't care about what happens to anyone but their own kind" -- 24% of Germans think this, compared to 16% of Americans. "Jews are more willing to use shady business practices" -- 21% Germans, 19% of Americans. "Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country" -- 55% of Germans, 33% Americans. "Jews have too much power in the business world" -- 32% Germans, 24% Americans.

There's more, but those are the only ones I found with data available for both the United States and Germany. By the way, Germany scored worse than the European average in every single category. Two generations ago the Germans were doing all their could to systematically murder every Jew it could find a mere two generations ago; it would appear they still haven't really learned their lesson. 58% of Germans think Jews talk too much about the Holocaust. In retrospect, maybe the USA shouldn't have been so nice and forgiving after the war.

Interesting note: antisemitism in America is concentrated in the "minority" community -- 35% of Hispanics (44% for foreign-born, 20% for native) and 35% of African-Americans are "strongly antisemitic", compared to 12% of whites and 3% of college graduates.

As for "racists in general" -- I don't know of any statistics one way or the other. But it probably helps that Germany is a largely monoracial society, I'd imagine. You need races to be racist with. ;)

Oops, editting errors in previous post. :(

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