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ride on that peace train

I am a glutton for punishment. It can be the only explanation why I keep wading through the sludge of Indymedia.

Last night I had a dream. It was Feb. 15 and there were close to a million demonstrators in NYC and we all started marching around the city. The cars, big SUV's with tinted windows, were incredibly frustrated because we were blocking traffic and disrupting their disconnected and illusioned lives. Someone started yelling "Turn over the car," and soon everyone began chanting "Turn over the cars." Working together, the masses went from car to car and turned them all upside down. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Every car in midtown was either lying on its side or completely upside down. It was like art, politics, expression, beauty, freedom, truth, honesty, courage all coming together in this beautiful, surreal statement.

I wonder if this was just a dream, or a vision.

Yes, the honesty and courage it takes to turn over someone's personal property - well, it just brings tears to my eyes.

Ironically, I had the same dream last night. Except when the masses turned my car over, you were pinned underneath. I was laughing.

I especially liked this bold statement by another poster:

If there's no march we should regather in Times Sqaure for "mass leafleting" .

Yes, throw paper all over Times Square. These brain-dead morons have a history of destroying one of their pet causes to promote another. Nevermind that the leaflets will be blown all over the area, causing a litter nightmare, wasting tons of papers that trees had to be cut down to make. It's about the war today. Environmentalism is so 90's.

I decide to delve a little deeper into the pit and found a protest song.

In the Garden of Eden is available as an mp3 on the Indymedia site and the lyrics are avalable here.

Oh, look. How clever. He took the tune to Inna Gadda Da Vida and put the words In the Garden of Eden over it.

Too bad the Simpons did it first.

The cute lyricists of the anti-war program came up with these words:

In the Garden of Eden
A tyrant rules the land
Even worse than that ole Osama
And the Taliban...
We wage war in the name of peace
We don't care about our fellow man
The only thing we'll liberate
Is the oil under the sand.

It goes on like that for a while.

I'm sorry I made you look at that.

You guys are slacking with the counter-protest stuff. I need slogans. Songs. Poems. Anything I can put on a piece of paper and stick on the cars of everyone going on the "Peace Trains" Saturday.


Ok, stuff for the protest. I'm throwing them out:

"You TOO can support Saddam Hussein and the proliferation (that's like littering except on a really big scale) of WMD!"

"It's discrimination if you don't support ALL Murderous Third World Dictators equally!"

"Think of all the bunnies Saddam gassed in his search for WMD!
Oh wait, my bad, he used Kurds and Iranians."

"Hey guys, remember that the peace-lovin' chicks will get a lot closer to you if you shower, shave, and wear deoderant (enviro-friendly of course).
And remember, score one for the Man!"

"Ladies--have that not so fresh feeling? First make sure it isn't the fat nerd beside you."

"Hey, go ahead, walk the path of peace, it'll be a lot easier to take you out of the gene pool."

"There's no such thing as evil dictators, just bad PR."

"The Iragi people don't deserve to be freed!'

"When Saddam makes weapons of mass destruction illegal, is that just the concealed carry ones, or the ones in their homes too?"

I could think of more, but these are getting lamer and lamer, so I'll stop now. Make of them what you want and Good Luck Michelle!

Uhm Inna Gadda Da Vida was originally sung as "In the Garden of Eden"

They were just too stoned to enunciate or something.

The destruction of private property is SO 1969.

I was a little kid in Berkeley when the riots happened. All of the windows of the merchants on telegraph ave were broken. I believe someone put a sword through the roof of someone's VW bug.

Of course, to be fair, the LAPD that Reagan brought 500 miles north to make trouble did, as well - or so I've heard.

Why do you read Indy media at all? For the comic potential, or do you think gasping in horror is aerobic?

Go with the classics:

"Kill Kurds, not Mumia!"

So why don't they try this kind of crap in, say, Texas?

Oh yeah. Heh.

"Eat Catfood For Peace!"

"My Lightswitch Protest nearly killed my epileptic friend!"

"Saddam can wait! Proliferate!"

"Don't get oil on my croissant!"

"Surrender-monkeys would have helped Dorothy!"

"I'll do anything for a cause except learn about it!"

"Not going anywhere for a while? Take a shower!"

"Nobody asks to be a Dictator! They're victims, just like you and I!"

I'll stew, and come up with some more later.

"I'll do anything for a cause except learn about it!"

Fuck!!! That's good!

Just two more:

"Peek-a-boo! I've got you!
No more New York!"

(Two nine-year-old boys)
"Hey, let's play Saddam and Ritter. I'm Saddam!"
"But you're always Saddam!!! I wanna be him. Besides, I'm the one with a five-year-old sister to use as lure!"

Maybe I'm just a bit too pissed off at these idiots (is that possible?). Anyone notice that the Great Leader Ken Nichols of the Human Shield Suicide Cult ™ division that is motoring to Irag has split from the group because he "tried to enter Turkey on documents he said declared him a 'citizen of the world'". So he won't have the chance to go and get himself killed for a tyrant. I ask you all: why, pray tell, did he do that for?

I wonder if Saddam has something on him or if it was just a monetary transaction?

Peace (soon),

Pawel - Check you facts on that Saddam gassing Kurds thing...better yet, check this out.

Chip, the first sentence says it all about the worth of the editorial.

"the deaths of more than one million innocent Iraqis since 1991 through economic sanctions"

Money was going into Iraq, and it was used to build palaces and weapons, rather than feed people. Yet the deaths are blamed on sanctions.

Regardless of what Saddam may or may not have done with charitable donations sent to Iraq, it still doesn't give Bush any reason to bomb his country.

Justin, "I'll stew, and come up with some more later." is one , too. The rest are good, too.

Chip: What is your position on the bombing of Serbia?

How about

"Bomb One for the Chipper"

How about "Chip, if you're going to turn every comment into a thesis, do it on your own blog."

I couldn't hep myself i stirred the shit on the I have a dream moron. Of course I prolly should have used my feste at yahoo address...oh well I know how to build a kill file.

like my brother always says: "Squankety Boo Bankety"