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now you can't even say it out loud

You have got to be kidding me.

The whole thing started when Chloe Sousa, 7, brought home from Lombardy Public School a list of 10 words to learn. Each Friday her class is tested on these words. By last week, the class had worked its way through the alphabet to the letter G.

Amanda and Mark Sousa, who consider themselves to be pacifists and who are raising their two young children with this governing belief, were shocked when Amanda's spelling list last week included the word gun.

"I realize people hunt in this area, but I still don't think that warrants the teaching of this word to my daughter or any other child," said Mrs. Sousa.

They banned the word gun from the school after Mrs. Sousa complained.

I don't think this is an issue of political correctness. It's an issue of protecting your child from violence. Guns are violent. End of story," said Mrs. Sousa.

Oh, look! The letter G is jumping up from the page and gouging your daughter's eye out!

It gets better:

But children do hear this word every day on the news, particularly about blank registration -- I don't want to say the word so I don't offend anybody," added Mr. Simzer.

"We are quite happy that the whole matter has been resolved and the word will no longer be included in our curriculum."

She won't even say the word. I want so badly to believe this is a hoax but given these times in which we live, it's absolutey possible that this really happened.

Here are some words on my son's fourth grade spelling list this year. Using Mrs. Sousa's reasoning, let's see how many words we can ban:


Oh forget it. From now on the spelling list for the first grade class at Lombardy Public School is as follows:


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I was hoping it was a hoax, too. It's not.

Upper Canada School Board wanted to make it clear that it was "just one class" not the whole district. But, still, good grief...


This doesn't come as a surprise. Remember, our northern brethren are also in the process of implementing a 1 billion dollar gun registry.
And a lot of the support comes from Ontario, where this school is located. I can bet that this wouldn't have been an issue in, say, Saskatchewan or Alberta.


"I realize people hunt in this area, but I still don't think that warrants the teaching of this word to my daughter or any other child"

Take away this women's children immediatly, she's too fucking stupid to be allowed near minors.

Hey, the letters g, u and n can form other words too. Shall they ban 'gnu' from their curriculum also? I mean, the /kid/ moved the /letters/ around, it could be /scarred/ for /life/!

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That's right, don't teach her what a gun is so when she's old enough for her friends to tell her what a gun is she'll have no friggin clue how harmful they can be. Good friggin' parenting.

So I assume that those people would be in favor of legislation supporting their particular views. What would the legislation read though ... all "things that make something come really fast out of a tube like thingy when you pull a thing with your finger" will be outlawed?

Hmmm, maybe that's a good thing ... Uncle Fred's pull my finger joke is a little old (by about 30 years) .... maybe vague, irrational legislation will make him stop the madness ...

Oh wait that legislation would probably outlaw what my wife does with my ... uh ... never mind ... don't look at me like that .... what! ... what!!! ... {stomps away}

Hope she doesn't gun the engine on her SUV too much driving the kid to school...

I guess great minds think alike.

Maybe she can't spell "gun", but it's highly likely she'll be taught to spell "dildo" by end of first grade.

This is douple plus ungood.

re: dildo

that's correct, it's in both books - "Heather has two mommies" and "It's not just for pooping!"

I don't want to know where Kevin gets his reading material.

Sorry, but that woman is a dumbass.

(Hey, PETOD even has a button now!)

and i though MY school was bad..gun..lame very very lame i'd say

Tracy, I think we're all a little worried about Kevin.

And I can't resist adding this:

I don't think this is an issue of political correctness. It's an issue of protecting your child from stupidity. Liberals are retarded. End of story

What will happen when this kid starts to take history classes? Forget guns. What about arrows, spears, harpoons, bayonettes and assorted other projectiles?

I guess we could re-write world history to be non-violent, but why?

Ain't gonna spell whar no more!

Uh, Kevin and Ken - not every queer parent would be against teaching a kid to spell the word gun. There is no connection there; I van't see why you think it is necessary or humorous to make one.

I, for one, am all in favor of teaching kids to spell anything they damn well please -- intelligent debate isn't possible with the illiterate.

Spelling 'gun' doesn't kill people, so not spelling 'gun' isn't going to save anyone. Stupidity, on the other hand, is frequently fatal.

I decided not too long ago to purchase a gun. I've never owned one before. So I'm going to look into gun safety classes or something, and I'm going to buy one. I decided to do this from listening to liberal comments made by people like this woman. I think turning over your personal responsiblity to a government is not smart. I don't want to have to rely on the government for protection, just like I don't want to rely on them for medical care and retirement benefits. I want to pay for those things myself.

Why would anyone be so adverse to accepting this responsiblity? I don't get it.


I was making no comment about "queers". I was merely commenting on the current fad in schools to teach young children about sex (often with teaching aids) over the objections of parents. It seems that for certain subjects parents have no rights, while for others one pisshead has veto power over all.

... my train of thought entirely, it's not a "right/wrong" issue with the schools. It's simply irrelevant.

Folks, don't be worried.

As for the lady getting ready to buy a gun. I have small kids, and I read recently that the reccommended approach is to buy a shotgun, and take some shotgun training. Great stopping power, considerably reduced danger if you miss.

I think everyone is taking this a little bit out of context. Yes, it's silly to ban the word from the curriculum because of a parental complaint. But the story isn't about banning the word gun, it's about not wanting something that involves a potential for violence to be taught to children at such an early age. I can see why the parents wouldn't want a 7 year old to be exposed to things like guns, bombs, or other tools that have no other purpose than to kill or cause harm to others. It's obvious that the parents know the child will learn about weapons at a later age, I'm surprised that most parents wouldn't want schools to avoid teaching children about subjects similar to this.
Tony - There isn't much support at all in Canada for the gun registry program. It is over budget and it doesn't seem to be doing much good. I also believe it has absolutely nothing to do with this article.

Also, take a look at the state of public education in the U.S. Maybe if you didn't teach your kids about guns you might not need metal detectors in elementary schools.

Chip, I really hate pointing out the obvious, but the areas where children are routinely taught about guns (for hunting and recreation) routinely have fewer violence problems than, say, inner city schools. And it is beyond naive to think that refusing to teach them how to spell the word will help.

It's not about teaching them how to spell the word gun, it's about including something like that on test for a 7 year old. Why not gum? Isn't that a little better suited for children than gun? Yeah, banning the word is a dumb idea. I didn't dispute that. I was just pointing out the fact that everyone is over reacting here. The government is known to do silly things to appease voters, but that's no reason to get all riled up about it, saying things like "words we can ban...knife, fight, quarrel, bomb..." The school board obviously made a compromise to satisfy someone who was over reacting to the word gun being on a test. My point, is simply that the parents do have a grain of a cause here, not much, but a bit.

As my mother pointed out when I read here this, has the woman never read Sleeping Beauty (not the Disney version)? They are so afraid of the curse, that they ban all spinning wheels, and ALL MENTION OF THEM from the kingdom. So of course, when the princess finally sees one at the age of 16 she is curious, touches it, and VOILA! the curse unfolds. My children are 5 and 7 and they know what a gun is, both long and hand versions. They also know that guns can hurt people, and what to do if they ever find one, which at this age is don't touch it, leave it alone, and tell an adult immediately. Fortunately we don't live in area where they are likely to have one pointed at them. I'll deal with that later.

Once again, a good example of how peace creeps invite war and violence by sending a message to aggressors, domestic and foreign, that we are too morally weak to fight. Fortunately, it's only Canada, so nobody really cares.

Lou, if you said nobody cares for the Canadian Government, most Canadians would agree with you.

Shielding kids from reality has no redeeming virtues. Teacher made a less than wise choice on the test. Now it's an international incident?

I think that a lot of people have a knee jerk reaction to get pissed when school systems are politically correct, like when they 'edit' material exerpted from literature for standardized tests for politically correct reasons.

Guns exist, they are out there and if not handled responsibly they can kill you. I'm not advocating that schools teach about guns, I believe that is the place of a parent. I'm advocating that schools refrain from editing things out of their curriculum just for the reason that they may hurt or offend someone. How can a student develop a healthy self esteem when they are constantly worried about being offended. Not everyone they meet in this world will be concerned about that. Speaking for myself, I have a proper sense of self worth in spite of coming from that type of system, not because of it.

As a Canadian, I sincerely apologize to the world for this jackass of a human being and a mother. Yes, unfortunately the majority of this country is full of socialist creeps and communist wannabes. I am fighting a losing battle here in the Republic of British Columbia, but I am fighting....

If you lay a gun on the table and don't pick it up.
How is it going to be violent?

Now suppose that four very large men come in your house. They imediately hit your wife with a steel pipe sending blood, teeth, pieces of bone and eyeballs splatering against the wall and begin to forcebly gang rape your 5 year old daughter.
Is that violent?
Is a gun doing the rape or the violent men doing the rape?

Now then ... As you are sitting in your easy chair watching the evening news and occasionally bending your neck to see past the largest mans ass as he is pounding your 5 year old daughter ... are you going to ...
1- Call the police and wait 20 minutes till they come
2- Jump the other three with your bare hands
3- Pick up the gun on the table and blow their asses away
4- ... Your choice of words here ...

My guess is that you would choose number 1. Then you would go get the video camera and take a video of your wifes oozing corpse and the rape of your daughter so you can put it on your website to show people how you resisted the urge to pick up the gun.