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time to choose

No, I don't think this is propaganda by our own government. I don't think it's been faked by the White House, nor do I think you should take this with anything less than the utmost seriousness.

What I do think is that it's al Quada's attempt to latch on to a big moment. They know that as soon as the war starts, Iraq will retaliate, whether in the United States or Israel or anywhere else.

They want to be in on it. Their own atrocities notwithstanding, they are probably figuring it's better to align themselves with Iraq now while the wheels are still turning.

It's the perfect alliance, when you think about it. A rogue coalition, hell bent on destroying America and Jews, combined with a rogue nation whose leader is hell bent on destroying whoever gets in his way, including his own people. Put them together and you spell Trouble. With a capital T.

Anyone who helps America, from the Iraqi hypocrites (opposition) or Arab rulers ... whoever fights with them or offers them bases or administrative assistance, or any kind of support or help, even if only with words, to kill Muslims in Iraq, should know that he is an apostate."

Bottom line: You are with them or against them.

Whose side do you want to be on in the end? The side that's left with rotten egg on its face as all of its weapons and alliances come tumbling out of the closet like so many skeletons? Or the side that wins the war on its enemies and secures freedom for people that have never known the taste of it before?



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When I heard this on the news this morning I thought "oh joy". I certainly didn't think it was a fake by any means, but it does help Dubya's cause for going to war.

I respect everyone's right to have their own opinion, but my own stance is that I really hope a peaceful resolution can be found first. If not, blow the bastard into a million pieces, but please try everything else first.

I pick the side that lets boobies be free.I don't wanna be no stinkin'asshatted clown.

I've got two questions to that....

One, what other resolutions are still available that both Iraq and bin Laden have not rejected besides allowing them to arm themselves and turning our backs on the situation.

Two, how do we, as American Citizens, take this matter with utmost seriousness. What can we be doing to help ourselves in times like these. Besides carrying on our lives and making money, and spending, contributing to the economy, what more can be done when a situation such as this becomes even more serious?

Saddam agreed to disarm as a condition of being left in power after his unprovoked agression against a fellow Arab state, one which had stood as a supporter to him during his idiotic war of unprovoked aggression against Iran. He has had 12 years to meet his obligations and has not done so, and continues to stall and lie. We have attempted all the peaceful resolution that we can. There are no more peaceful alternatives left, by Saddam's own choosing. Everything else has been tried.

The only remaining alternative to war is ignoring the whole thing and letting Saddam get his nukes. When he did not have them he still barged around the Middle East attacking his meighbors and anybody else he fancied attacking. What do you suppose he will do once he does have nukes? There is no alternative now.

Actually, there is one alternative that hasn't been tried...one last chance for peace.

I have a spare futon. Saddam could come stay with me.

We'll have latkes and applesauce. It'll be great.

Bring in on mutha' f**kers! The more the merrier.

If this was La Osama bin L'aden; I liked how he said that the Americans (the great satan!) will be defeated.....then he said to 'try and make the war last as long as possible.' So he must be saying: Dont defeat the great Satan TOO fast.....we dont want to hurt any feelings.......

I listened to the broadcast of the alleged Osama audiotape on the news yesterday. Color me skeptical. I can't tell one Arabic-speaking man from another, but I do know that we have a lot of comics who can mimic people like President Bush and former President Clinton, among others. There's no reason there wouldn't be a guy in the Middle East who could sound like Osama bin Laden. Unless I see him in an obviously recent videotape, I'll remain skeptical.

Anyway, there are four possibilities. I'll list them, along with a rough guess of how likely I think they are.

First, Osama is alive and the tape is legit. I figure this one is about 25% likely. "What's the matter, Osama, your video camera still broken? Or are you just too scared to pop that ugly mug up out of the hole in which you're hiding?" If it really is Osama, then he's not doing the antiwar folks in America any favors. You see, if it was him, then he himself is establishing a linkage between himself and Saddam Hussein, the absence of which being something that some of the more myopic folks have been carping on as a reason not to attack Iraq. Also, he showed a complete lack of understanding of military tactics. He told his followers to go to Iraq and dig trenches around Baghdad. "Oh, no, not trenches! Oh, please, Br'er Fox, please don't dig trenches! And please don't throw me in that briar patch!" Any Iraqi defenders who dig trenches around Baghdad to fight us will be incinerated by FAEs (fuel-air explosives) like the BLU-82. Osama just told his followers to go line up to be barbecued. That's fine with me.

Second, Osama is alive but the tape is a fake made by al-Qaeda supporters who haven't heard from him lately and don't know if he's alive or dead. Less than 5% likely.

Third, Osama is dead and the tape is a fake made by al-Qaeda supporters. About 65% likely. Osama's worm-chow, but his few remaining surviving followers want to stir things up and try to get more support in their war on the infidels. Again, they aren't doing Saddam any favors by linking themselves with him. And their followers will be charco-broiled in their trenches.

Fourth, Osama is dead and the tape is a fake made by American intelligence as an artful piece of misdirection and psyops. About 5% likely. If they're telling the terrorists and supporters to go dig in and prepare for the luau, it's a masterstroke.

In any case, the last successful al-Qaeda attack in the United States was September 11th, 2001. They have been on the run and on the ropes ever since. The war on terrorism has been successful so far, with the terrorists killed, arrested or scattered, and hopefully will continue to be.