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there's no business like bra business....

There's really nothing worse than the feeling that your bra is too tight.

It's making me very irritable.

On days like this, the first thing I do when I get home is rip the bra off and yell "fly free boobies, fly freeeeee!"

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you expecting war drums? See, I'm not as wound up as some people think.

Hey, did you know that Ethel Merman put out a disco album last week? Told ya Armageddon is coming!


Good idea! I should let my boobies fly free, too.

There ain't nuttin like lettin' the 'girls' free from a confining, restrictive boulder holder!! ;o)

amen to that! I was just thinking that very thing last night, after wearing a too-small sport bra to the gym. So nice to whip that beastly thing off. Ahhh...

Wow. My mind is reeling and the synapses are firing wildly. Thanks, gals.

...Let my people go!

Could be worse. Try having to do jumping jacks with one that isn't tight enough...

You know, in the old, old days of department stores, you could go to the lingerie department for a fitting. Just like there were shoe stores where someone would fit shoes to your feet. I blame all this do-it-yourself Walmart stuff. I miss the days whe a stranger could run their hands over my body.

Actually, Ethel's disc is a re-release of her 1979 vinyl. And it's quite good! Honest! twitch

More about it here -- including two sample tracks!

Browse about the rest of Frank Larosa's record collection... I dare you.

We should jam all Arabic speaking communications and play Ethel 24×7 over their airwaves until they surrender.

However, the technique wouldn't work in France.

The best thing about a bra is the feeling you get when you can finally take it off

Let me just say how moved I am right now. That was probably the single most beautiful things I have read, and it reminds one of what it truly means to be an American. For when I see boobies in distress, constrained by such unnatural bonds - their freedom denied, their prison made from the very fabric of our society...something within me stirs.

As an American, I know our founding fathers fought to establish this great nation where these precious, God given gifts "...endowed by their Creator with...Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" were meant to be free, and as long as even one pair suffer, as long as even one pair are pinched or chafed or bruised by ill-fitting underwear our struggle must continue. To this no effort is too great, no price too steep, when there is suffering we can ameliorate we must act and leave no boobies behind.

...that is so funny Robert...just wish I wasn't drinking coke at the time...I hate that...

my favorite thing is to wear overalls to work, then i DONT HAFTA WEAR A BRA!!