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somebody stop me before i self implode

I know I've been called an alarmist before, and my co-worker Bonnie just called me "an irrational human being," (though she said it with love), but my Spidey sense is tingling like mad today.

Something is up.

CNN has it's red 'alert' banner up, blaring some headline about very specific threats.

They NYPD is warning about light bulbs and soda bottles and other non-conventional weapons.

I read a story this morning about how to seal your windows to protect yourself from a chemical attack.

But here's the thing that worries me. We live close to the airport. Since the week after September 11, when planes were allowed to fly again, the roar of a plane's engine has been my sign that everything is all right with the world. As longs as the jets were still flying, nothing untoward was going on around here.

I see on the average about 100 planes a day. They fly low, so low I used to wave to the planes when I was little, thinking the passengers could see me. So low, my dishes rattle when the Concorde passes over.

My sister works nearby. From her top floor office she can see straight down to the Empire State Building.

We both noticed something today. Neither of us has seen a plane all day. Not to the east, to the west, to the north or south. Not one single roar. Nothing.

Sure, they probably just changed the course today, although I never remember a day when the flight paths were changed so drastically that the air above home and work was silent.

Just saying.

I know, I'm irrational and I'm an alarmist. I just don't like the sound of silence. It reminds me of September 12, 2001 when the quiet in the skies was the eeriest thing I have ever experienced.

My cousin works for the Department of Homeland Security. I know when my alert should be raised. I'm already at red, one step ahead of everyone else. Ive heard talk around work today that fire departments, police departments are at Defcon 5 as well.

Meanwhile, in a separate Capitol Hill hearing Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said a new message believed to be from Osama bin Laden says he "is in partnership with Iraq."

"(Bin Laden) speaks to the people of Iraq and talks about their struggle and how he is in partnership with Iraq," Powell said.

I think I'll go read some comic books.


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I just got up and walked to work--checked this site before I got started--and I can't get CNN's page up AT ALL. Which worries me, because the last time that happened was....well...September 11. IT's taking hella long to load.

Doesn't Defcon 5 mean normal peacetime?

If you were to hear the radio reports coming out of LA right now, you'd wonder what the hell is happening - all the freeways have come to a grinding halt, and there's traffic chaos. It's a light shower.

Makes me think back to last summer, when Gray Davis snipped the ribbon on a new freeway section. "This is the last freeway that will ever be built in California" he proudly boasted. Shithead.

Odd you say that. I live within 150 miles of four different air force bases. I swear I heard fighters last night at midnight. It has been many years since their manuevers have taken them in my direction and my husband had his really loud fan on, so it could be just an overactive imagination. Not many things make that kind of a roar though. I kept waiting for the sonic booms we used to hear back during the cold war. I just knew I would wake up to war this morning.

Here's a secret hint to access CNN's website even when it's very busy (which won't be so secret once I post this, but....)...

In case of emergency, use robots.cnn.com instead of www.cnn.com. It's the mirror site for web-indexing search engine robots to follow, and it gets less traffic than the main site.

Also, Slashdot was practically the only site that was up on Sept. 11, and they've got some serious hardware and bandwidth over there. If you want your terrorism cpverage with a geeky angle, that's the place to go.

And don't forget that "Internet" does not exclusively mean "web". There's also IRC and USENET newsgroups, and both are good sources of information and discussion and may be accessible even if part of the web goes down.