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protest this

I just heard on the radio that you should be on full alert for people with light bulbs and/or soda bottles.

Heathrow Airport had a scare. There's some guy lurking in the San Fransico Bay. The ABC building was under an anthrax watch yesterday evening.

I was talking with Justin last night about terrorism and it occurred to me that all the people who expend their time protesting the coming war, protesting hamburgers and Bush and smashing windows to stop development have never protested the one thing that has really hurt this country: terrorism.

Instead, they say we deserve it. They say we bring it on oruselves. They fight for terrorists to be treated like humans, they protest the arrests of terrorists, they take the side of the very people who want us dead, who have killed so many.

Why aren't the marching for the rights of Americans to live in safety, to live without fear of chemicals and bombs?

I'm not the only one wondering this. Apparently John had the same thoughts.


I may not be able to get to the city for the marches on Saturday, but I can certainly get to more than a few Long Island Rail Road stations. The protest trains are getting ready to roll and I think I'll be handing out flyers or plastering the cars at the station with flyers.

It will be easy to tell the cars of the protesters. I'll just look for the Phish stickers on the back or follow the smell of patchouli.

I'm taking suggestions on what the flyers should say.


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The anti-terrorism protest is being held at the same place as the anti-nuke protest last summer when Pakistan and India were on the brink of atomic warfare.

i.e. Nowhere.

"No Bombs for Saddam"

"It's All About the Terrorism"

"Give War a Chance"

"Inspect This"

"Don't let the coloreds get democracy! White power!"

"Dictatorship is all 'those people' understand."

"I'd rather support a mass murderer than a Republican!"

Have you ever noticed that morons like Green Protester are usually anonymous?

Then again I wouldn't want my name associated with that drivel either.


i'm sure you'll see this, but i wanted to make sure you did. this blows me away.

yahoo! story about western "human shields" in iraq

There's something very wrong with this picture:

I don't know about you, but I'd feel decidedly nervous getting on that plane.

As for stuff to put on the fliers, how about a heading:

"Stop The War"

And then details of how to apply for an entry visa to Iraq (see the link michelle posted)

Ummm, John, did you READ those lines?

"Don't let the coloreds get democracy! White power!"

"Dictatorship is all 'those people' understand."

"I'd rather support a mass murderer than a Republican!"

Look again, please. Explaining a joke ruins it. And I don't want to ruin it.

But it got me at first, too

Gah..Hey what can I say it was so similar to the hate mail I get I didn't catch the joke.

Sorry to venture on the side of logic, but where exactly would one protest against terrorism in America, the local Bin Laden drinking den?

Also, how could the one that thing that really hurt this country be terrorism? If anything, it was a push that sent our already careening economy over the edge. We have a whole host of things hurting this country that have not left such a dramatic footprint as terrorism, but have been eating away at our insides.

The necessity for war remains debatable no matter how vigorous your viewpoint. As long as we have companies willing to sell the means for WMD to countries like Iraq we will be forever chasing our tail. Post-war Iraq poses many problems as is shown by our precarious position in Afghanistan. The much larger landmass of Iraq fosters far more holes for fundamentalists to hide in.

Expressing doubts about war should be a fundamental foundation from which Americans come from considering our history. Surely the left has failed to offer a solid alternative route from war, but I suspect it's because a proper course is far too complex to be plastered on a placard.