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i can't believe i watched the whole thing

(note to everyone who was mad: no spoiler warnings were necessary here. This is just my prediction. The last episode isn't until next week)

Violets are blue
Roses are Red
Zora's so gone
She didn't give head.


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AAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhh it hasn't aired here yet!!!!!!!!!!

You need a spoiler warning!! cries

What is this referring to?

The war in Iraq.

She's making it up. She's such a bitch. :-)

Ditto on possible spoiler warning.

I'm about to watch it in ten minutes.

Relax, they're not revealing it until next week.

Not funny. Not one bit! :)

Or perhaps she just didn't give good head.


Michele: That was EEEEVil. I spent the whole thing wondering if Zora was about to get axed.

Although, I kinda don't want her to win because I'd rather see the look on Sarah's face when Evan reveals everything. Also looking forward to what nineteen or so bitter women have to say once they find out.....

until i discover otherwise,i still believe that "There is no such thing as bad head"

As Google's formost Joey M. authority I must strenuously disagree. Zora will win because GOOD GIRLS have to win sometime. OK, probably not on FOX. But think about it. If Sarah wins, next week is so predictable. She finds out he's poor and says "fuck this." Zora's a toss up between no caring about money and caring about the deception.

I can't believe they're making us wait!

There's a Gay Wrestling Federation?? I had no idea.

Curiousity got the best of me & I watched the last 15 minutes of Joe Millionaire last night. Interesting.


I'm waiting for the sequel, filmed when the producers tell the women that "Joe" is not rich: "When Whores Attack"

i watched it for the first time last night. i want him to pick zora, so she can say no. not because he's doesn't have money, but because he's an asshole.

LOL very good, though I was too tempted to read it and ignore the spoiler warning!

At least one of the girls is amused: MoJo was on a local radio station yesterday morning, fervently thanking all things holy that she got kicked off when she did. And laughing her ass off, too.

She also said that she and Zora had discussed that Evan isn't all he says he is - maybe they aren't so dumb...

Actually, the rumor is that Zora is really a rich woman pretending to be poor and this is the twist "Paul the butler" was talking about yesterday. It would be cool if it were true - it would really be a test for Joe (Evan) rather than Zora.

Evil, evil FOX. Although I had a hunch that they'd probably cliffhanger both parts, and not just the "will she accept that he's poor?" part. But I disagree with your assumption. He'll take Zora, because he's an idiot and/or the show's rigged. I'm not entirely sure what the twist is going to be but I think I'll have a clearer idea later in the week (after browsing every reality TV internet site around). I'll probably do an analysis/prediction then. (Yes, this is a shameless plug for my blog. Joe Millionaire is constituting about 60% of my posts lately!)