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flick your bic

We Shall Stop the War!

By flicking our lights off and on for one minute every night.

So, if I get all my friends to flick our lights on and off for two minutes every night does that mean we win?


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You've got to be kidding me.

haha shall we all try it?????:))

Turning something off and on takes more electricity than leaving it on.

You know what it means to me? A waste of natural resources. If people are so concerned about the oooooiiiiiiiiiiiiil (or coal, or natural gas, or nuclear reactors, or the implications of damming rivers for hydroelectric, and so on and so on) then maybe just turning the lights out completely for a minute might make a more powerful (or power-less, depending on how you look at it) statement.

Sweet Jebus on a pogo stick, how stupid ARE these people?

It knows no bounds, apparently.

I wonder if they know that most people are just rolling their eyes and laughing?

I don't know about you, but I want MORE!

C'mon, freaks, do something else nutty! LET'S TAKE THIS ALL THE WAY!

Smear Mayo, Pickles, and Tuna in your hair - Tuna Salad Hats For Peace!

Wear nothing but a Strap-On until this is over - Plastic Dicks For Peace!

Knock all your teeth out with a hammer - Bloody Gums For Peace!

Drill holes in your foreheads in the shape of a Peace Sign - Lobotomies For Peace!

Castrate yourselves - Eunuchs For Peace!


That's fucking priceless! They actually think that a megalomanic fanatic with a turban full of germs can be stopped with the flick of a switch. I can only hope that they electrify their reproductive organs and exit the gene pool.

The lights I can deal with. But the first person to blow a freaking whistle or bang a pan is going to get that whistle down their throat or that pan upside their head. I'm a patient woman, but don't get between me and a good night's sleep, or someone will pay dearly.

Now that's just freakin' stupid. Goofy people, what ARE they thinking?

This could actually be a great service...for criminals.

Anybody dopey enough to do this is most likely an anti-gun advocate, so all criminals need to do is drive around and see who is blinking their lights and they've found a house where the occupants are unlikey to defend themselves.



I know you were joking, but what's important is not whether they have children (ie their genes) but rather where they ever parent any children (and thus transmit their ideas).

klick! klick! klick! klick! klick! klick! klick! klick! klick! klick!
Aw, fuck it..........NO ONE IS LISTENING! OH, I get it. Maybe they think it'll all go away in the dark because YOU CAN'T SEE in the dark? Gone. ah. OHSHIT! NOT GONE! Gone, ahhhhhh.

Just when you thought they couldn't get any dumber...

(Tell me this is a parody, someone making fun of indymedia using their own resources, pleeeease... My faith in humanity depends on it. Oh wait. I have no faith in humanity. Ah. Better now.)

What nut cases! Who comes up with these things? Is there some kind of stupid idea think tank somewhere? Because we need to find it and destroy it! Or maybe just flick their lights on and off, they'd have a much harder time thinking up whacky ideas if their lights were flickering.

No, no, he's got the wrong metaphor! Here's how to REALLY make an impact: every day at 20:00 Greenwich time, that is, all over the world at the EXACT SAME MOMENT, let's all flush our toilets! Bring every local water system to its knees! If we can make enough systems fail, it'll be like the deserts of the Middle East ... no water, get it? Oh, this is brilliant! Bush and Saddam will finally realize that we're all one great bowl of humanity, and come to their senses. We can do it! We can stop the insanity! FLUSH FOR PEACE!!

I'm speechless....

What am I supposed to say in response to something that rediculous?

"Stop it, that's just silly!"

In a perfect world the first person to have an epileptic seizure during one of these "stoner strobe sesions" sues NYC.Indymedia down to their underwear.

This has gone around before... I got sent an email about some event or another 'in remembrance' where you were supposed to flick your lights on and off.
Strangely, I did not participate.