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a blogger in the white house



Gretchen is serving pie and boobies at her blog tonight. You have to ask nicely for the boobies. And know the secret password. Tell her I sent you.

The boobies and pie are here! Nice rack that girl has.

Perhaps Dodd should make her his running mate.


Obviously, pie and boobies will be major parts of my platform. Thanks for the assist. You rock.

Damn, you gave them a password? Oops, I'm giving it away for free too quickly!

Pie is now being served in the main cabin.

Dang it with all the Gretchen the Agent posts! My multiple personalities are getting out of control again...

Well I will take the pie, but better hold the boobies, I'm kinda underaged LOL But I appreciate the offer!

I didn't see no boobies. :(

Michele, can you link to the new post? People don't seem to be getting the hang of scrolling up to see where the boobies are... :)

Oh come on Zander, I read your recent S-word post. ;)

Gretchen, understand that "boobies' is the wrong word to salt your site with. Try a Google Image search, you'll see what I mean. It's 90% birds, and not the Brit kind, either.

Please don't ask how I happened to discover that.

It doesn't do any good to just drive traffic there with offers of boobies and pie (mmmm.... boobies and pie....)

They've got to have blogs, and they've got to link Gretchen. I have authorized her as the sole Minion Master (er, Mistress) until this problem is resolved.

It's Code Orange for the Blogosphere!

She better post pictures of those cans (and they are lovely), becasue there certainly isn't anything worth reading on that site.