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Fine French Dining

On the Menu Today:

French Toast
Sliced, stale bread with egg all over its face.

French Fries
Greasy, oil covered, and slightly rude

French Onion Soup
Slippery, unwashed onions in a brew of recycled shower water (SEASONAL)

French Dip
‘Nuf Said

Served, obviously, with French Whine.

Anyone for dessert? German food?


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Don't forget the French Dressing! I'm thinking of Better Off Dead now.....

Dessert? Perhaps a slice of
German Chocolate cake
Dry cake with barely a hint of cocao with a surround of stick-in-your-throat cocoNUT flakes in gluey frosting?

Served with Sour krauts... Er, sauerkraut and waffling Belgians... Er, Belgian waffles.

Au 'voir, NATO. Auf wiedersehen.

Damn you took my Belgian Waffle line.

German Weiners go well with the Belgian Waffles.


What else...Brat Worst!

I think the Germans are eating Sauergrapes. I mean, Sauerbraten. And Weenieschnitzel.

I can't come up with a good Brussels sprouts joke though. Brussels pouts? Brussels spouting-off? Uhhhh...

German Weiners.

Bitten off, of course.

Mr. Burns said it best: "Ooh, the Germans are mad at me. I'm so scared! Oooh, the Germans!"

How 'bout some Bavarian Creme Puffs. Light, airy without any real substance and generally harmful to your health.

four words: hot German potato salad

The US army will have access to the Romanian airspace and to the Romanian military bases in the context of a conflict in Iraq, according to a statement made by Gheorghi Prisacaru, the head of the foreign policy committee in the Senate, on Saturday. The senator said that these facilities would be granted to the USA without the parliament having to give a new approval. According to Prisacaru, the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) would have to make a new decision on the matter only if the USA asked for more facilities, otherwise the access to the Romanian airspcae and the permission to use the Romanian military bases by the USA is granted by the resolution against terrorism.

"The US army will have access to the Romanian airspace and to the Romanian military bases in the context of a conflict in Iraq...."

U S Army and Air Force mess sergeants have been fortifying meals with garlic, in anticipation. TSgt Ronald Jones: "We're certain that our troops are immune to smallpox, plague, yellow fever and other contagious diseases. The garlic fortification program will, hopefully, immunize them against vampires."

Black Forest Cake for dessert.

Chopped liver anyone? One of the most consumed appetizers for the French: LIVER PASTE... or, uh, err, uhm.... LIVER PATE! (same consistency)

Honorable mention: Wavy tater chips, slammed dunked in French Onion Dip

No wonder why I read this at The Onion last night, and thought of you... :0)