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Vive les wimps!

Steve Dunleavy in today's New York Post:

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France - They stand only 3 feet high, but they're towering mountains of sacrifice.

I'm standing in the American Cemetery. Gray clouds hang low as if in mourning for the nearly 10,000 young Americans buried beneath crosses and Stars of David that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The air is chill, but I feel an unnatural glow of rage - I want to kick the collective butts of France.

These kids died to save the French from a tyrant named Adolf Hitler.

And now, as more American kids are poised to fight and die to save the world from an equally vile tyrant, Saddam Hussein, where are the French?

Hiding. Chickening out. Proclaiming, Vive les wimps!

Of course, they don't think of this. For whatever reasoning, they are against us. Not particularly against war - this coming war- but against America and against Bush.

Don't confuse Chirac's anti-Americanism with a love of peace. The French, for the most part, hate us. 91% of them, in fact. I'm not sure why, but it's really starting to irk me that America is the land of the free, the home of the brave when you need something from her, but as soon as she needs help from other's, she's an arrogant bitch.

Jessica, an American if France, told Dunleavy this telling statement:

"We have been told that if we face any kind of a threat, we should say we're Canadians, not Americans."

Piss off, France. And piss off to anyone who opposes America at every chance, anyone who values the life of a madman over the lives of their fellow countrymen.

Who are you going to call when the bombs start falling? Who are you going to call when the chemical attacks start, when your children are falling ill at an alarming rate, when your buildings are blowing up?

That's right. You'll call the arrogant bitch. And we'll be there. Because we're good like that.


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I have said time and time again that we need to pull out all our troops from France, living and dead, and bury the fallen in Arlington where they deserve to be.

There used to be a program to reinter the American soldiers buried overseas but I guess we ran out of room.

I posted the cover in my blog. I've been ranting about the French until I'm sick of it. I've got a dying kitty and can't rant any more. They're on their own.

BTW, the Dutch have asked us to move our embassy because it's in a busy part of town. Fuck them, too.

I no longer have strength to be angry at the French.

They care only about themselves.

The French have been "anti_America" since the 1950's. Personally, I think the resentment that Europeans feel toward us stems from jealousy. Here they all were, each one once presiding over a major Empire. Now they are all more or less insignifigant. And who are the major powers now? The Chinese (Non-white! That must rankle! Yes, Europeans can be racist, too!), the Russians (rough-neck peasant-types!), and the Americans (rough-neck, uncultured, johnny-come-latelys!).

Sadly, American ex-pats claiming to be Canadian because it's safer is nothing new... I went to the American School in London in the '80s during a period of recurring terrorism. (Our school had guards at the doors, and we weren't allowed to carry backpacks in the halls in case someone planted a bomb.) And every time we traveled outside of Britain, every damn one of us magically became "Canadian."

America is right. You have to nuke Irak. And then nuke all the countries around, and if there still is a goat around, be sure it's not carrying a mass destruction weapon... You are so pathetic.

I think we found another candidate for a button...

Someone please check this out.
Back in the 70's or 80's the French wanted America to pay rent for the property that American Soldiers are buried on in France.

If someone can find this in writing send it to Bill Oreilly at Fox.

The french have always been ungrateful. It stems from a jelousy that the english speaking nations of the world had to rescue them from the horror of two world wars. I'm an englishman and am proud to have been born and raised in England, but i wholly support the actions of the US in the forseeable war. Twice in the 20th sentury we had to stand up for the world when tyranny threatened democratic institutions, and when America wants to ensure that such democracy and freedom will prevail in the 21st cntury, then all of Europe seems to sun away. I no longer class myself as European even though my country may fall within its geographical bundaries. It is time for the english-speaking, Anglo-Saxon nations to once again carry the torch of freedom to prevent such tyrany to continue its reign.