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3am thoughts

How much tension can we hold before we snap?

The orange alert flashes on the bottom of the screen while the winter storm warning scrolls by on the top.

France and Germany are being rebellious little children. Blix is holding up the "don't steal" sign while Rumsfeld and Powell are waving the runners home.

They expect nearly one million anti-war protesters on the streets of New York this weekend.

NATO and the U.N. are playing power games while their footing is slipping. Saddam is cooperating. No, he is stalling. No, he is lying.

Dirty bombs. Anthrax. Hotels and subways are vulnerable. Be vigilant. Be alert.

Prepare. Buy rock salt, be prepared for a messy evening rush hour. Watch for ice. Drive carefully.

Stay out of the city this weekend. Stay out of the subways. But watch for the million mumia march coming down Fifth Avenue.

War is coming. Terrorism is coming. Six more weeks of winter and gray skies. Buy bottled water. Stock up on medicine. Do you know where I can buy some of that freeze dried food?

Planes are flying low today. Is that a black helicopter I see? What was that sound? Orange. It's still at orange, right?

Shovel the walk. Give the kids their antibiotics. Fill the tank of the SUV, fully aware that you are not supporting terrorism by doing so. But you think that the throngs of kids with their ANSWER placards are.

Madonna, Dave Matthews, George Clooney. Who cares? All news, all the time on the tv. Warnings. Alerts. Be on the lookout.

Be on guard. Don't forget to wear your gloves. Watch for black ice. Is that plane flying too low? Has North Korea aimed thier weapons at us yet?

I sense a great disturbance in the force.


Think you're right I do.

Yup - that's tension - well put.

Holy CRAP- stop it! Are you in my head???

This is serious! This is...hey! Look! CompUSA is having a sale!

Sorry, I got distracted from my panic. That seems to happen more and more easily these days.

yes. and yes. despite one's political leanings, i think it's safe to assume we're all about ready to implode.

just hum this along with me when it gets to be too much |\/|cHeLe:

we're too young to fall asleep
too cynical to speak
we are losing it
can't you tell?

"Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only real cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas."
-- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

I spent the whole day yesterday in the only way I could describe as "worrisome anger". It was a bad day. I have a huge sealed bucket of dried barley left over from "Y2K" that I crossed out "barley" and wrote "Soylent Green" just to make myself laugh. Yes, it is that bad, this feeling. I even made a "hug" dinner of chicken and dumplings, took a Zanax and was STILL up all night.

the good news is, all of those protesters don't make a fart's difference in a hurricane. they can't help being stupid, and they can't stop anything. we're still going. soon.

but do be careful driving. and be very careful on icy stairs.

Okay, your first assignment is to TURN OFF THE TV. Remember how they only get paid if they keep you watching? And they can't tell you it's all okay, because they'd lose their jobs? So you shouldn't listen to them? Let me know when you've finished your homework.

Okay...let's go REALLY nuts and invade France first. We would land in Marseilles...sweep up the Loire Valley...cracking open a few million bottles of fine wine along the way...party on to sack Paris and hang a pant-less Chirac out the window at L'Elysee.

A pefect excuse we have too...the tension made us do it.

Oh...did I say all that out loud?

It's like we're running a psych war against ourselves.

"Threat level Orange! Threat Level ORANGE!"
"Yeah, it clashes with everything!"