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Blogrollin' rollin' rollin'

Prolific commenter (seen frequently at LGF) E. Nough finally has a blog: Thinking Meat.

Added to the newsbloggers list in the past week:

Attaboy, a displaced Long Islander who doesn't care for the French, either, and Two Braincells who obviously learned her fisking methods from Juan Gato. Which is to say, she's quite a fisker.

Movers and Shakers:

Beer Mary has moved to new digs and she's still chock full of cute doggie pictures.


If you haven't already, check out Memefacture: Weblog and Automated Trend Reporting.

And then there's Blizg: a blog index that focuses on metadata.

Enjoy the links. I'm going to go chew my nails or eat everything in the fridge.


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Ack! What happened to your blog? I can only read a small portion of the left side of each entry. ?!?

Thanks! And may I just ask your readers: If any of you are familiar with pMachine, PLEASE HELP!

That is all. :-)

Thanks for the plug, Michele. Time to go light up a Hoyo De Monterey!