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oh look at me. i'm making fun of celebrities again.

Pity Dave Matthews. He has joined the long list of celebrities who have come out against the war. Apparently, Dave did not put much thought or research into his little coming out piece.

For instance, he says:

What is the motivation? Regime change? Shouldn't that be up to the people of the region and the people of Iraq?

Yes, let the people of Iraq rise up and conquer their ruthless leader! Strength from within! Raise Your Voices! Vote the Opposit...

Oh. There is no opposition, is there? Hussein was recently re-elected by garnering 100% of the vote.

I'm sure if the people of the region weren't afraid of having their heads impaled on a stick or their children starved and tortured, they might just consider a regime change.

It's so easy to sit on your rock star pedastel and make simplistic statements. We shouldn't have enemies, they say. We should just play nice. You know, make love, not war.

I thought lefties were internationalists as opposed to isolationist like they accuse the righties of being. Yet, when confronted with the atrocities taking place in Iraq on a daily basis, they suddenly reconsider and decide that the people of Iraq should fend for themselves. It's not a good enough reason to go to war.

Oh, when the kill Americans or when they kill Canadians, then we should march in there with guns blazing and bombs dropping. But until then, it's every Iraqi for themselves.

Go back to playing your crappy music, Dave. Leave the politics to those who actually read the paper and watch the news rather than being fed words from a press agent who probably thinks this was a good career move.

See Jay for more on this.


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"I hear you knockin',
But you can't come in.
I hear you knockin',
Go back where you been..."

Aw geeze- I screwed up royally. The lyrics are Dave Edmonds, not Matthews. Oh well- they still fit.

Is it just me or does he really only have three songs that he rearranges on every CD?

He's just Kanny G with a better rhythm section

Damn ... I was all set to tell Dave to go back to his music, and then I get to the last paragraph and see that, once again, Michele has said it better than I could hope.

As much as I like his early stuff, I just have to say: Dave Matthews, making it OK for frat boys everywhere to be sensitive.

War Bad! PEACE GOOD! Buy my album, I'm sensitive and deep.
You said:
Yes, that is easy to say; especially when you have an audience and use of the press.
Trendy cock rock sucks, anyway.

oooooops. You said: It's so easy to sit on your rock star pedastel and make simplistic statements......then go back to my post.

Ug, I love DMB's music. But I really don't want to hear their political views.

I view musicians much like actors: most of the time they merely speak the words written by others for them. They lack the poetry or the intelligence to structure and parse their thoughts into coherence.

For those few who do write their own lines and/or songs, more power to them. Even if I disagree with their viewpoint, I respect them for originating something (art, music, or simple entertainment), since they had to put thought and effort into their product.

Mostly though, I view them as asshats, as Rachel has so eloquently coined the term.

Sapper Mike

So glad people are talking about how absurd his arguement was. I don't mind anyone, even celebs, talking about politics, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE A CLUE. It's too bad he didn't spent a minute to actually do some independent thinking before ok'ing his PR guy to throw this up on the site. Idiot.

Although his statement wasn't very well written, I believe that musicians and actors are lucky in the sense that they are able to voice their opinions however half-assed they may be. Dave has long been against war and fighting but unfortunately I think he could have done a better job expressing his feelings in this latest letter. He is an amazing artist with lyrics that can really captivate if given the chance too.
I myself am against the war but I do not believe that the Iraqi people can take care of it themselves. They do need help.
Peace is all we can ask for.

I like Dave's music. He is gifted at the acoustic guitar and live..he rocks the house but, I believe his statements about the war should've been a little more informed!

THIS is what we are fighting for people -- so you can fight amongst yourselves...however retarded it may be. everyone has an opinion, and the right to share that opinion with others, however absurd that opinion may be to you. just because you don't agree with something doesn't make it wrong, it's just not what you want to believe is right. stop being so righteous and self-important. accept others for who they are, and be PROUD that they are not simply more copies of yourself. and if nothing else, you should always listen to what the opposition has to say, just to keep an eye on what they are up to.

I am a big Dave Matthews Band fan. I think he is an idiot on his views of war. But that will not prevent me from listening to his music. The iraqis cannot help themselves. I saw an iraqi getting interviewed and they asked him if he liked sadam, he said he couldn't say. That shows that they are in fear because they will be torchered or killed if they say they don't like sadam. We need to get rid of sadam to free the iraqis. I am going to Daves concert in july and i swear to god if he sais anything about the war or bush during the show i will walk out.