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opening shot?

Here's something to give you a nice chill this afternoon.

(Spotted at Indymedia)

DEBKAfile: Al Qaeda’s Opening Shot in Iraq War

Saturday night, February 8, in the Iraqi-Kurdish city of Suleimaniyeh, al Qaeda and Iraqi military intelligence fired their first shot of the US-Iraq war - by assassination. They used their shared surrogate, the extremist Kurdish Ansar al-Islam of northeast Iraq, to eliminate the top command of the pro-American Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan’s fighting militia.

This doesn't sound horribly ominous until you read further:

DEBKAfile’s military analysts compare the murders to the assassination of the Afghan Northern Alliance commander Shah Massoud two days before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Then, the killers posed as journalists; this time, they pretended to be defectors.

Is the assasination a tell-tale sign of imminent terrorism? Does it provide evidence of a link between al Qaeda and Iraq?

DEBKA's track record is a bit spotty, but still, this story is certainly food for thought; ammunition for fear.

DEBKAfile’s counter-terror experts note the features common to these murders and al Qaeda’s assassination of the legendary Northern Alliance leader, Ahmad Shah Massoud, by two suiciders who detonated bomb belts just two days before the Islamic terrorist network struck in New York and Washington. Today it is generally believed that al Qaeda, predicting America’s response to the terror attacks, struck in advance of the Afghanistan War to eliminate America’s most gifted and formidable military ally.

I'm waiting to see if this story gets any play from the major news outlets. Until then, I'll be wondering a)if that orange alert is no fluke and b) what this means in terms of the coming war.


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Certainly makes you wonder. I guess we'll know soon enough.

This story caught me cold ... and brought me immedately back to 9/11: very early that morning I was driving to the airport, listening to an NPR story about the assasination of Shah Massoud. The story had only just then really broken in the Western press, and I distinctly remember changing lanes on Rt. 202 and thinking "these bastards will stop at nothing." One hour later I was on a 737 to Chicago ... three days later I was driving back to Philadelphia wondering at all we had experienced.

Here's hopes for yellow in the coming weeks.

Michele, just found this reference to the same story...with a Reuters tagline.

Let's all be extra careful out there.

I don't think orange is a false alarm. YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE SUBWAY. Chatter intercepted referenced "underground where we hit them last". Translated NYC subway.

I did a 'cheatsheet' on the story.