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Ramsey's World

Ramsey Clark has drafted an Articles of Impeachment

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors. --Article II, Section 4 of The Constitution of the United States of America

Mr. Clark was also so kind as to prepare historical notes for the impeachment movement.

Yes, Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General.

Ramsey Clark, the man who brought us the Internation Action Center which in turn bring tells us that we should support the Palestinian people against the terror Israel brings on them daily.

Ah, Bizzaro World. I wonder if the weather is nice there.

Ramsey Clark, who fights to free a murderer.

Ramsey Clark, who called Jesus a terrorist.

Ramsey Clark, who supports the Workers World Party.

Ramsey "It's All About the Oil" Clark.

Ramsey "Powell Made Everything Up" Clark.

Even when I leaned to the left, I could not ever imagine leaning so far as to fall off the edge of reality.

I would like to start a fund to buy Ramsey his own little island. There, he can set up a socialist government and invite all his bizzaro world friends to come live with him, where they will enjoy the peace, prosperity and life long happiness and contement that they assume socialism will bring.


Do we need to ship food there?

May I suggest the Black Hole of Calcutta? Sorry, Kolkata. Anyway, that place.

First paragraph "all civil Officers of the United States"? Damn, that's alot of people.

Second paragraph, what no Powell or Rice? Where's your appreciation of diversity?

I'll stop there. I must go find a used piece of toilet paper to sell on E-bay as a replica of Mr. Clarks legal credentials.

And Lyndon Johnson made him Attorney General of the United States.

Think about that.

And then we nuke the fucking island.

But it also suggests another poster - "Help support the murder of Iraqi children - no war on Iraq"

Or something like that (forgive the slight incoherence, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet)

As stated in the "called Jesus a terrorist" link, he worked in the Johnson administration. I remember this time - we are STILL paying for the legislation passed in the so-called Great Society, and we probably will be for a long time. This was the start of the entitlement era - where you didn't have to work to earn anything (like you did in the WPA) you were simply entitled to it. If you want to talk about terrorist, check out the facts about Johnson and his administration and what they did to our country in the guise of fighting Vietnam.

I had something constructive to say about ol' Ramsey, but then I thought about it, and really, the man's just evil. Evil. I don't mean misguided like, say, Jimmy Carter. I don't mean naive like your average left-wing protest kid. I mean evil.

Any lawyer whose chosen clients include Slobodan Milosevic (everybody knows him), Radovan Karadzic (ditto), Charles Taylor (dictator of Liberia), Pastor Elizaphan Ntakirutimana (Rwandan Hutu pastor who arranged the killings of Tutsis in his flock), and who earns the nickname of "war criminal's best friend" from Salon (of all places) is either working for the devil or is the devil himself.

That he devotes his boundless energy to defending men who wage war on men, women, and children indiscriminately, yet shamelessly parades before the cameras with mock indictments for war crimes against politicians and military men who take great pains to avoid indiscriminate warfare (January's articles of impeachment stunt is quite similar to his "war crimes trial" of the first President Bush after Gulf War I) only secures his status as an America-hating hypocrite. And an evil one at that.

But I might just be extreme in my views.

Noam Chomsky made a speach at some anti war rally where he said that we need to get rid of capitalism before it destroys all life...

Am I wrong in taking the context to mean that he hallucinates that Saddam Hussien and Al Qa'eda are the communist revolutionaries he's been waiting for to come and smash his hated capitalism?

I swear he was a smart man once.

Never fear children. There is one small but insurmountable legal problem, i.e. getting a true bill of impeachment voted out of the Congress. That just aint gonna happen. Smear that on your blue dress and wear it.


Couldn't Lyndon Johnson have been "impeached" for many of the same things?

Senile dementia can be a very dangerous thing.

I think Ramsey Clark's problems all started that one drunken night when Gus Hall pulled out Ramsey's eye and fucked the empty socket. The residual commie goo lodged in his brain and has driven his "thought process" ever since.

Jeff... you are one cold mutha...

And one freaky mutha, too.

Oh gawd, I think the picture has burned into my cortex.....

I've been scratching my head over how a Ramsey Clark, or an Al Sharpton, manages to command any attention from the media. True, Sharpton has some entertainment value -- a flamboyant enough buffoon always will -- but Ramsey Clark? He's nothing but an embarrassment to the Left. Not even the most pronounced leftist media bias could explain it!

Thoughts, fellow "Victorians"?

Holy Mother of God....

Ramsey Clark is the poster boy for Patriot Act II, the enhancement. Supposedly an American citizen CAN be deported out of the US for being a member of, or knowingly supporting, terrorist organizations.

I donate the first five bucks for his oneway ticket....

Wow, you're ahead of the curve. As if all that wasn't enough, guess who set up the date between Dan Rather and Saddam Hussein? :)

I take great exception to all of your vicious comments about me! Gus Hall never screewed me in the eye, he always was fond of my cute ltttle commie butt! Also, LBJ was not demented, he was simply a deep mole for the KGB and I was his "Alger Hiss"
Peace, love and Stalinism! Your comrade, Ramsey