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a banner day

I've made a few more banners, some by special request and two dedicated to my new Canadian friend Bryce, whose comments run along the lines of "Canada good. America bad. America will collapse soon."

The first one is for Bryce. From now on, when he spouts his Fall of the American Empire theories, I will add this to his comment.


This is also for Bryce, as well as smug Europeans who apparently don't have mirrors in their house.


One more for my leftist friends:


This one "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey" is by special request.


If you have a request for a banner, let me know. Happy to oblige.


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I thought of a few, then I realized that they'd probably really start using them.

Magnifique! But it is pronounced "Minkey".

That last one is great! I love rebi!

And Cracker, it's pronounced "minkey" only if you don't have a leosonce.

You are awesome. I want a banner!

One recommendation.

Change the color of the cheese to blue and the color progression in the rebus will match the colors in the flag.

The last one made me laugh out loud!

I have been reading your blog for months now and this was so good that I had to comment.

Can we maybe get some banners that say YOU ROCK!

Not to be picky, but that's Swiss cheese.

I was assured that was Roquefort.

Sigh. I love Canada and I love the United States, so it irks me to no end when we have fanatics (like Monsieur Rasmussen) who have to take their nationalism to a level which insults other countries. Both countries have wonderful things and both countries have flaws.

You are correct, my son-in-law is Canadian and a wonderful person.

I've also had the privledge of working with many Canadians and have found them to be nice people.

Too bad that twit has a computer.

I dont hate canadiens or Canadien foreign policy. In fact, I have a Canadien friend and some of my favorite foreign policies are Canadien.