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music sharing without the hidden spyware

New feature here at ASV: Download This

I'm going to start sharing my music with you. And you will like it.

Far, Waiting For Sunday

Download here

From the album Water and Solutions

This is one of the few cds I own that I can listen to from beginning to end, every single day, and never get tired of it. It's a bit on the emo side, but I find the music very soothing and the lyrics quite intruiging.

There' something about this song that makes my heart ache.

Waiting For Sunday

I'm always frightened
I wear my helmet every day
I'm scared the sky might tumble down from heaven

I blame my neighbors
I wish that they'd all move away
They're all on welfare, kill babies, pass bad laws, start all the wars

I wait for a miracle
I go to big building, I pray
I dance with demons, they whisper my fate
Scare me into thinking I'm saved

We're all so tired
We wear our raincoats every day
To keep the wet and wind and world out
Waiting for Sunday


Very few albums (other than "Greatest Hits" or compilations) I can pop in and just let play for days. Stone Temple Pilots "Core," Enigma "MCMXCD," (for, umm, special occasions) or Metallica "Kill 'Em All," most anything by VNV Nation.

What're yours?


michele...i lurve it. ty.

Good Song.

Cool - already have it in my WinAmp play list.

In re: the title of this entry. If you are as spyware-shy as I, try Kazaalite. Accesses the same network, but it has dummy dll files to spoof the spyware.

Albums I can listen to over and over and never ever get tired of:

Jane's Addiction: Nothing's Shocking
Derek & the Dominos: Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs
Chris Isaak: Forever Blue
The Allman Brothers Band: At Fillmore East
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magic

There's a few others but those sprang to mind. :-)

It's not the type of music I usually listen to, but I really liked that.

Very kewl!