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my gift to the leftists

Anytime I make a post about Iraq, certain people come on over and say the same thing in every single comment section. Again and again. And generally, they say it with such rudeness and smugness that it's all I can do not to look up their home address and go bitchslap them.

Oh, it's not just me. I see it on so many blogs. Different day, same comments. Different post, same righteousness.

So I'd like to do you all a favor. I'm going to save you some time. Instead of coming over here and writing out the same stuff every single day, instead of having to spend valuable time typing in my comments when you could be out sending rice to Bush or getting naked for peace, I've created The Instant Comment Imaging System for you.

Just save these buttons and post them into the comment section here or on other blogs when the need arises. Think of all the time and energy you will be saving.

I've made three for specific occassion and then one all-purpose button for when you have a lot to say.





Don't thank me. It was my pleasure.


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You're such a caring, giving sort of person!

Can we also get a button for those folks who just turn up to offer name-calling or insults?

I dunno, something like...

Please gimme another brain. I squashed my last one when I clenched my asscheeks too hard

No, that wouldn't fit, would it? Nuts. I'm too damn wordy today.

You're so good to us. That's why we lefties love you. Um, like you. Er, tolerate you. Ah, coexist on the same planet with you. If we have to. I guess.

My look at the time! Gotta run.

LOL! These are perfect.

Oh that's excellent! Too funny! :)

OOOOOOhhh...I gotta get a button like that for my new group PETOD. Yeah, People for the Ethical Treatment Of Dumbasses. I think that probably applies to the same group that leaves these comments on your blog, yes?

You should make Bumper stickers with those, and the words SHUT UP in big red letters stamped on them (like a Post Offfice 'Cancelled Mail' stamp). I'd buy every one of them.

I love that last button - it's completely incoherent.

I resent that first one, America is not an empire. Now General Electric on the other handů.

But Michelle...

The lefts argument is not evolving; they also repeat themselves: "war bad" "oil BAD (except when I use it)" "Bush wrong" and they dont go into expressing the hows and whys, only: "war bad." But we know that war bad. War happen to be very popular around world because war happen at many nations all the time. How come war not bad when Clinton helped protect (no you silly dove, not PROTEST) Muslims in the Balkans? War not bad then? We bombed the hell out of that country but it ok.
OK, my discussion over now. Get naked.

Nice. How about one that says "I trust Saddam more than Bush" for DavidBryon? :)

Oohh, you can post pictures!

What makes America truly great is that we can all have our opinion and voice it without fear of government retaliation. Not to say that some self-righteous folks won't retaliate with their own flames.


The one problem I see with your posters is the complete lack of spelling errors. Now if you had one that said "Bush is an empoirer" or "Amrika is Empir", I would love to use them.. for those times I feel like slumming as one of those Indymedia types..

Ugh, now I have to go take a shower just for thinking that one out aloud..!!

Tell you the truth... none of those matched my possible responses, so I made a few of my own:



OOPS! Posted that last one on the wrong site... I'm so sorry!

For god's sake. The reason you keep hearing about oil and Bush being dumb is because there are OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET BESIDES FAT, FLAG WAVING AMERICANS. Read the US department of energy report - the one that says the US will have to IMPORT 70-90% OF IT'S OIL WITHIN 5-20 YEARS. Or maybe you could find out what someone in the oil industry, someone who has the balls to speak out, has to say. That it's a known fact in the industry that the Caspian shelf reserves near Afghanistan, where there was supposed to be 200-300 billion barrels, has been downgraded to about 9-13 billion. There's still plenty of gas, though, but it's the oil that's important, and Iraq happens to sit on a shit - heap of it. Not North Korea.

Aaron, you're not playing by the rules...
Post your stupid button.

God, Michelle you should put in a script that bans anyone who's posts contain the "WAKE UP" or just anyone who posts a more than three words in a row IN ALL CAPS.

Less than 15 years, America is dead in the water.
Why? Evolution, you pathetically stupid fuckup. The new war is information, technology, something you Americans (by dumbing your fat asses down) are woefully unequipped to comprehend. French fries and hotdogs, that shit you get. Too bad, too stupid, and too late. read your history, you moron, understand that the world is one big bastard that will happily roll over you, and no, you won't get the benefit of a slow decline. You're already there. Your death knell? Isolationism, stupidity, and shooting big fat guns at complex economic equations. All the luck. Believe me, a couple years from now, you'll need it.

Here's the bad news for Bryce: hybrid vigor. Luckily America is more than just a nation of fat ignorant idiots. We also have thin and fat smart people. We have progressive thinkers, lazy gluttons, liberal activists, conservative politicians, and very salient to your point - the best and most highly motivated scientists and information technologists in the world. We are very well prepared to compete on the information landscape of the future, and though many of our slow thinking, unprogressive politicians come across as imperialists serving an overly demanding public, we've proven that we can overcome many of the problems created by short term thinking.

Ooooh! Lookie! An intellectual!

So let me see, the new war is information and technology.

Isn't it utterly fascinating that someone can spout idiotudes about how stupid Americans are in relation to technology on a PC (invented by Americans) or Mac (invented by Americans) with an OS such as Windows (invented by Americans) or MacOS (invented by Americans) or Linux (not invented by an American, just a permanent resident of the US), which in turn was based on UNIX (invented by Americans) over the Internet (invented by Americans) using protocols such as TCP/IP (invented by Americans) and other arcane protocols which have been in use since the Teletype was invented (by Americans).

I object to this stereotyping of Americans as fat. I, personally, am not fat. I'm big-boned.

I can tell you right now that Finland imports 100% of it's oil.In a few years,it's going to go to ... let's see... yes,it's still 100%!Amazing!

USA is not going to war because Saddam refuses to sell his oil,or because it wants a better deal.A year from now,Americans will pay the market price to the new government just like they pay to the Kuwaitis (as in,that other war where Saddam wanted to charge more for Kuwaiti oil than Kuwaitis themselves).Not that you give a damn.Leftists shed history like ducks shed water.

The real reason USA is going to war against Iraq right now,rather than someone else is that Iraq sits right in the middle of three other anti-American "terror masters",Iran,Syria and Saudi-Arabia.Having a pro-American regime in Baghdad gives USA the leverage to pressure them,or if that's not enough,an opportunity to attack them.

For more details on the American master plan,go to www.nationalreview.com and scour the archives for anything by writers Michael Ledeen and Victor Davis Hanson.

You know pretty well, these really great stickers (I love them, may I borrow the one or the other for other sites?) could work for the other way round, too? I mean the one "Saddam is a murderer", "Rescue the poor starving children" and "Okay - Jesus drove a Golf, but he HATED it!"

Bejus. You DO get some real creepazoids commenting here. The self-righteous bastards are SERIOUS, too. That's scary.

To hell with 'em. What's MY sign?

Mostly what I hear the pacifist left saying is: "I'm holier than thou", but sometimes there's a few "neener, neener, neeners" involved.

Mr Rasmussen... Canada is living off the scraps from the American table. Shut up or we will stop allowing the scraps fall to the floor and leave your country to its own devices.

Aaron... it appears that we aren't going to run out of oil any time soon...

Thomas Gold's research is changing the entire equation on estimating oil reserves.

Read something other than leftist tracts and you might have something to contribute to the conversation.

As much as we (North America) need OIL to drive ourselves around in our SUV's to the various gun ranges for our daily mandatory target practice; the Mid East probably needs our money just as bad.
By the way; I am not overweight. In fact, I cant gain weight. Never have been able to. I attribute my SUV's (all 3 of them) awesome 9 miles per gallon to my low body weight...If I was heavy I would get a lousy 8 miles!

You forgot to put "HardRight" and "RightWing" (each being only one word) somewhere in there...

1. Self-righteous for them should be Self-lefteous, shouldn't it?

2. Wonder why the latin-based word for left in modern-day language relates to the word "sinister"?

Just wondering.....

Mike S.: Silly boy, don't you know that one of our two countries has the best economy in the G-8 and is a net oil exporter? I'll give a clue: it ISN'T the U.S. Try some facts on for size, kiddo...

Momma Bear: You have the causation on "sinister" backward. The "left" has been referred to as such because it represents the impulse to criticize the govenrment of the day (which in theory should be shared by most libertarians, but really isn't, since they really aren't what they say they are). Left-handedness has always represented untrustworthyness, which is why the critics of the government get the "sinister" association.

Michele: where's my buttons that read something like "Don't do this if you're gonna @$%@^ like you're doing in Afghanistan!" and "I'd only trust the Dems to attack Iraq"? =P


You. Are. A. Damn. Genius.

Screw homework. I'm going to spend the afternoon making my own Dumbass Dissent Buttons for my site. I feel inspired!

Wow, Canada sure is gr-r-r-eat!

The U.S. would do well to model itself more closely after Canada, with all its wonderfully successful socialist programs.

Oh, wait, there's only one problem: I'm lying to you.

The easiest and by far the cheapest way for the US to get Iraqi oil, ALL OF IT, is to simply buy it. Saddam would sell it happily. So take your "it's all about oil" and shove it up your mentally defective canuck ass (if you can stuff it past your head).

By the way, the US has enough oil ON IT"S OWN TERRITORY, to keep things running at current levels for the next 25-30 years. But we aren't pumping it. You know why? Because we're saving it in case we need ti for a war. (Not against Canada, of course, there are so many frogs in Canada that they will roll right over if we give them a hard look.)

Yo... enough with the "Americans are fat" comments you damn foreigners, before I join the "Nuke Saddam" crowd!

I'm just short for my weight... that's all.

It occured to me the other day that the lefties, (of which I thought I was one before the "war on terror") have the least morally clear position they've had in my lifetime - and are posing MORE self-righteously than ever before.

Self-righteousness, piety, a sense of superiority must be the payoff for a lot of people - otherwise it would only show up when it was appropriate instead of being an empty pose struck most strongly when ones case is its weakest.

JH : That's right, you got it.

Bryce: play by the rules and post your god damn button!

Everyone forgets about the shale conversion program, too. Granted, it's a bit more costly than drilling crude, but not prohibitively so... and there's billions of barrels' worth on the Western slope of the Rockies.
I think someone on here's simply just suffering from Country envy. And John Candy was pretty fat.

If it is all about the oil, then we could just invade Canada. We would save on the transportation costs and judging by their leadership they would put up less of a fight than Iraq.

Just a thought!

Canada has a better economy than the U.S.?? Did I slip into bizarro world this morning?

Than again, I'm sure they save a lot of money by depending on the U.S. to keep the safe. Sure beats having your own capable military. (Please don't take this as a slight the few Canadians who are actually in the military!)