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live from baghdad

If you haven't been reading Where is Raed?, you should get on over there and start. Salam blogs from Baghdad and always has an interesting story to tell.

Today, he takes on a virtual tour of the city, through his eyes and words.

Go, shoo.


I've seen his blog. There isn't enough brass in France to make a set of balls this big. Think about it- what we do in a freewheeling manner here will get him carted off to prison and torture (or death if he's lucky).

Big Brass Balls... Yep. Despite doubts from others, I'm pretty well convinced he's real. I've been following his blog for months now.
And I hope like hell he makes it, because I promised to buy him a beer someday, even if I have to go over there to do it.

Come on folks, you're being had. Do you really think this person would be online uncensored? think about it? All phone line access is tightly controlled in Iraq.

You've never heard or read US or NATO dis-information campaigns? They are every bit as sincere and realistic as this.

Notice his slick use of idiom? This could just as easily be someone from the peaceniks playing on your decency.

But I would bet a month's pay it is not from an ordinary citizen in Baghdad.

There was a legendary 7th PsyOps unit broadcasting dis-information in Arabic during the 1967 Mid-East war. Everyone thought they were the real thing too.

The day the war ended the unit ran a Firesign Theatre style parody of a DJ call-in contest with a grand prize of a 7 day stay at the Hotel Aqaba. It pretty much ended a few careers but it was LOL funny.

I think I've read his site more carefully than feste.
Salam Pax isn't a complete peacenik.
He's also as anti-Saddam as you'd expect any Iraqi to be.
He admits that he's upper class, has an illegal tv satilite dish and could leave the country if he wanted too - he just can't take all of his family members and friends with him and so has decided to stay.

Sure it's the internet, he could be bus driver from Boston - but his story is self consistant.

Once upon a time, I think it was Mitterand or another French official sent Prof. Sartre on a little junket to Cuba to investigate rumors of persecution against homosexuals. (Michele, do you remember this?) So, Sartre goes down and investigates, and a group of reporters ambush him in the airport (maybe it was Miami Intl) on his way back to France. And, acting like smart asses, they ask Prof. Sartre if it's true. Yes, he affirms, it looks like it's true. So the reporter says to him, 'But why, Prof. Sartre, are they persecuting homosexuals?' And Prof. Sartre says to him, without skipping a beat, 'Because the Jews all left during the Revolution.' De dum dum. two...three...four. So, when Prof. Sartre gets back to France, he writes up his report and submits it to Mitterand, and they make it public. And here's what happened.

The Leftist, self-styled 'Progressives' denounced the report and excoriated Sartre, saying: 'YOU SHOULD NEVER CRITICIZE A SOCIALIST SOCIETY!'

They couldn't care less whether homosexual Human Beings were being tortured.

This anecdote now VERY famous.

I just thought I'd share that well-known little piece of history with some possibly younger people, rather than fulminate against any morons who may post here.

It's Sat night, and I'm not going to let anyone ruin the rest of it.

He works through a Jordanian guy, so he's being relatively careful. Also, it's the only way he can post- Blogspot is blocked in Iraq.

Balls of steel, I tells ya.

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  • You think you're the first person to do that? He uses Blogspot. Don't bother tracing his IP.