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song of the day

(thanks to Sgt. Mom for today's tagline)


"Peacenicks Got Back"

(with apologies to Sir-Mix-Alot)

no SUV, you got a honda
you idolize jane fonda
but fonda didn't get naked
and run out of her honda

she's a naked sista
a war resistor
sending bush that rice
you can't miss her

so ladies if you're hanging around
and all this war talk's gettin' you down
dial 1-900-ASSNOTWAR
that's what this protest's for

peacenicks got back


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On a related note, did they all get their Brazilian waxes prior to their protest?

Oh man...I think I'm still a little too young to be looking at a picture like that!

A quote from the article Joe linked to:

"For me, it's been a growing embarrassment about being American...

...and so, you figured you'd regain your dignity by running naked through the snow in Central Park. How proud Mom must be.

And where are the 'Get Naked for Iraqi Liberation' girls... er, women. Yes, I am looking at you, Ms Bo Derek.

How much vodka will it take to obliterate that image from my mind's eye? A whole lotta vodka.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the doctor's office, though. "You got frostbite where?!?"

brooklyn face with the oakland bootie.

i wonder if they gave a lot of thought to all the rapes that take place in central park? i'm guessing not.

Hey! That one's cheating! She's got a thong on!

Isn't that fountain dedicated to the Navy & its sailors?

I think I can safely speak for all of the U.S. Navy's finest & say to these women:

"Blow me."

"Tell them bitches to get back in the kitchen and make me some pie!"


christ, it almost makes me willing to become anti-liberating Iraq if it means they'll put their damn clothes back on!

That's what you call "snatch-ing defeat from the jaws of victory..."