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saturday memo

So the short nap turned into an all-nighter. I'm either getting old or the sickness and turmoil of the whole preceeding week finally caught up with me.

I see you kept yourselves entertained with the band sausage game. I may have to do a little photoshopping for the really creative entries later.

Meanwhile, before I get down to the daily routine of being an "idiot chickenhawk" or "misinformed, brainwashed American," I took the time to post a new photo essay.

You will go read it. You will click on each picture. You will leave comments. Everything I do, I do for you.

Ok, so I just realized it took me well over an hour to make the photo essay. I just want to make sure people are actually looking at them (besides my sisters, I mean) before I start updating the photoblog on a regular basis again.

(Yes, I am completely aware that I totally messed up the photoblog site. I'll figure it out later. But you can still read the post and comment. I think.)

Stacy rode to my rescue, once again.


The essay was great as were the pics. The blog looks fine (and not messed up) too.